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  1. stxrdusty

    For Coaches Xcel Platinum Vault: What is the "correct" twisting direction for a 1/4 on, 1/4 off and other related questions

    Question 6: Just wanted to follow up and add that I'm confused on how to know which arm a gymnast should drop for learning a front handspring, full off vault. From watching youtube videos it looks like they should drop the non-dominant arm, but from how I understand physics, that would make the...
  2. stxrdusty

    For Coaches Xcel Platinum Vault: What is the "correct" twisting direction for a 1/4 on, 1/4 off and other related questions

    Hi fellow coaches, this is my first full year coaching Xcel and I have some questions about teaching twisting vaults for Xcel Platinum and Diamond. The other coaches at my gym don't have experience coaching these vaults either, so I've come here looking for some more information at the very...
  3. stxrdusty

    WAG Options for continuing gymnastics in College

    I am currently an officer in the club gymnastics team at my university. I’ll tell you what I can from my experience and if you have any questions feel free to reply or DM me. What’s our team like? To be honest we’re not very competitive. We have tryouts with basic skill requirements, but the...
  4. stxrdusty

    WAG Questions on Orthotics

    I do not know the brand as I never wear them because they fall down in my shoes. I only wear athletic shoes such as those made for running or walking. Occasionally (about 3-4 times a month) I also wear combat boots. The orthotics do not stay in place in either of these shoe types.
  5. stxrdusty

    WAG Questions on Orthotics

    All these recommendations may be helpful, thanks a bunch.
  6. stxrdusty

    WAG Questions on Orthotics

    They are from the drug store.
  7. stxrdusty

    WAG Questions on Orthotics

    These are a couple questions that I haven't found a lot of information on anywhere. 1. I need to wear orthotics in my shoes for plantar fasciitis and I've tried several varieties and found that they actually make the tendon on the bottom of my foot more sore rather than less. I was wondering if...
  8. stxrdusty

    Pre meet rituals or superstitions?

    I shave my legs the night before so I feel super awesome going into the meet. I also listen to pump-up music or my favorite bands before the competition begins. My favorite band is twenty one pilots and my favorite pump up genres are alternative, punk, orchestra, and pop.
  9. stxrdusty

    WAG Cutting Floor Music

    Make sure the melody is varied throughout the cut and make sure when you put pieces together the clip change isn't jarring.
  10. stxrdusty

    WAG Peeling off jumping to high bar?

    But what if the gymnast jumps and catches in a hollow, then archs their shoulders to get their feet somewhat behind their torso, and then hollow/pikes to get their toes to the bar for the kip? I don't see what's wrong with this technique as all shapes are tight. I can see how it might cause kids...
  11. stxrdusty

    WAG Peeling off jumping to high bar?

    I don't want to hijack the post, but I'm wondering why this high bar kip technique is necessary (particularly for optional level gymnastics).
  12. stxrdusty

    WAG When to see a doctor

    Center of the bottom of the foot? There's a tendon that runs right down the middle and if it gets strained it can be painful. It often feels like a sharp pain and comes and goes. I'd get it checked out if you're asking the question. I've felt what I described above and I believe it's called...
  13. stxrdusty

    WAG National Gymnastics Day is September 19th!

    My gym is doing a gym-wide cartwheel-a-thon to raise money for charity. We're also running free 30 minute trial classes for rec kids. The team is probably going to be allowed to help with these activities. I also expect they're probably going to play kick-ball, "American Ninja Warrior", or...
  14. stxrdusty

    WAG Seeking recommendations!

    The gym I work at has a physical therapist who does this for the teams (JO and Xcel).
  15. stxrdusty

    Giant / Flyaway Fear

    1. Tell your coach. They might not do anything or care (if they don't care this is a red flag). Hopefully they'll be understanding and let you work on flyaway drills. 2. Tap swing to "dead-cow" position (meaning laying flat on your back). 3. Tap swing to tuck flyaway. Focus on no-shoulder angle...
  16. stxrdusty

    WAG Leap series

    Thanks for correcting me! :)
  17. stxrdusty

    WAG Leap series

    I don't want to highjack the post, but I thought in JO a direct connection between leaps on floor could get bonus (depending on the level of the skill, C-C connection for example) while indirectly connected cannot?
  18. stxrdusty

    WAG Foot angle in leaping and splits

    Knowing my ankles and injuries that sounds reasonable, thank you!
  19. stxrdusty

    WAG What skill is this?

    I don't know the technical name (if there is one), but we just call it a front flyaway. They can be used for learning jaegers and front flyaway dismounts (twisting or double front).
  20. stxrdusty

    WAG Foot angle in leaping and splits

    In static splits and leaping it's ideal to have the feet slightly turned out. However, feet naturally turn-in when in my splits and I was wondering what could be causing this. This has been happening for about a year, prior to which I could turn my feet out in the splits. I'm wondering if a...