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    For Parents Well, I'm officially a team mom

    Congrats! Sounds so exciting :)
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    For Parents Justice Just for girls store has

    Do you have a link? :)
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    ER trip

    You poor thing! I would have been a mess at that age! :hug: I've been there with my son. He fell and hit his head on a cornor one time and I took him to the ER. It's scary and annoying when they give you that look of abuse!!! Kids will be kids and they fall often.:rolleyes:
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    For Parents newest little gym girl and the cast

    Awwwwww! Gorgeous baby and daughter! Congrats on the baby! Hope that cast comes off soon ;) I'm sure you could use the extra help! LOL
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    For Parents Do you have a home gym/equipment

    :hug: To you all Mommas! I think words on a computer screen can get misunderstood sometimes.:veryhappy: This is the second drama filled thread I've seen since I've joined:(:pessimist: No fun! Anyway, I've looked at a few things for my dd. I want to get her a mat and a soft foam beam maybe from...
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    How many levels of Preschool classes do you have

    18 months to 3 yrs Mommy and Me class 3-5 yrs Preschool(I think there are 8 or 9 of these classes) 3-5 yrs Super Tots
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    For Parents Getting to know each other thread...

    Anyone interested in a get to you each other thread? 1. How many kids do you have? 2 How old? Zoe is 3 1/2 and Christian is almost 6. What grade? Christian just started K-5 2. How many years has your child(ren) been in gymnastics? Zoe just started this season so just over a month. 3. What...
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    random can you make a grip bag??

    You can always hand stitch it ;) If you are trying to save money, look for a old shirt or something that you could recycle. Fleece is a great fabric that doesn't need the edges finished(doesn't unravel). You can also just use a small tote from a fabric/craft store around $2 depending on size.
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    For Parents The Peacock is finished

    Adorable! Love the hairpiece!
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    For Parents Babying your DD?

    LOL No crazy ladies, yet. We only have 3 mommas(4 girls) in my dd class. I do have one momma that is already thinking about college and her kid is 4 yrs old!!! One of the girls is always crying in class and tells the instructor "no" all the time. The mom never says anything to her dd even...
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    How do you treat a child gymnast?

    I couldn't watch it all. It was sooo sad. I wanted to save them from this sad abuse :( Those poor babies! It made me sick to my stomach to watch those kids getting pushed into backbends and bended till they were crying! Sooo sad! I hope and pray this is not the norm for most Chinese gymnasts! :(
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    For Parents Created a blog

    It looks great! I love your pictures! I've always wanted to blog, but never knew how or which was the easiest. Now that my dd is in gymnastics(3 1/2 yrs old) and my ds will start his second year in basketball(5 1/2 yrs old), nows the time to do it! Do you have to know a lot of html?
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    For Parents how far do you drive to the gym

    1 hour and 10 minutes on a good day. There are 2 gyms closer, but they are all very small and more for cheering, not comp. I live in the boonies so it takes me 20-30 minutes to drive anywhere! My dd gym is close to my MILs so we travel over there every other weekend anyway ;)
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    Youtube gymbaby

    Too cute! :)
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    For Parents DD first level 3 meet - Judges Cup!

    Yay! It sounds like you had a great meet even though she wasn't her 100% self. Congrats!
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    The First Meet

    OMGosh! You poor thing! *hugs* I hope you start healing fast!
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    Super Tots?

    My DDs gym has a super tots class. Is there certain skills you need to learn to get in it? Would it be worth it at this age? My DD is only 3 1/2. Do they already compete at this age:confused: My dd is pretty strong and is a little daredevil! She will try anything at this age! She was having a...
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    For Parents Camera Question

    Another Cannon Rebel XT here with a fancy zoom lense added. I haven't snapped pics for gymnastics since dd is just starting out, but it's great for my 5 yr old ds playing basketball ;)
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    For Parents newbie competition fears! help!

    Maybe she's just talking about her feelings and anxieties to get them out in the open as a stress reliever. I know when I'm stressed or anxious, I talk about it alot and it makes me feel tons better ;)
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    For Parents Leotard fit question

    I'd suggest getting a custom made leo. I ordered from FLIPS Leotards - Fabulous Leotards, Individual Personal Style and she custom made a leo from my dd measurements. I love it so much that I just ordered another one!