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    For Parents International Gymnastics Camp

    We are discussing this in another thread that is active but not sure how to link it. @JBS ??
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    For Parents Let her retire mid season?

    Right, I never said you were wrong, I said "not necessarily and here's my perspective". Just was offering some insight to the OP :)
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    For Parents Let her retire mid season?

    "My thing has always been to see through a commitment. Yes, even if they really want to stop immediately. For me, this is bigger than gymnastics. It's a life lesson... that we don't just bail out and quit." Not necessarily. This can have dangerous and detrimental results, especially at the...
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    OT Camps

    They have a different celebrity guest and a different theme each week. They will start naming the guests on their website, if they having already. The celebrity guest was in the mix not only in the gym, but during recreational times and during some meals when my daughter was there. My daughter...
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    OT Camps

    Hi, My daughter went as a Level 14 yo training level 9. She had an amazing time. IGC camp is more about the whole camp experience with gymnastics being a big, but not the only, part. Your child probably will not learn any new skills at IGC, and anything major is only allowed into a pit. But...
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    OT Please help!!

    No, it's modified. But closer to states they ramp it up again. The kids who make states around here are all on club, so they are getting lots of practice in anyway. It's smack in the middle of meet season.
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    OT Please help!!

    They have team practices. So all the girls that made states from Suffolk will practice at one of the HS gyms.
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    OT Please help!!

    Hi, I am in NY also. A few gyms around here do high school classes as part of their rec offerings, for girls who do HS but aren't part of a club team. I think that's what she means. Also, just FYI our HS season in Suffolk county Long Island is fall, not winter. The other Long Island county...
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    For Parents How to move on… advice needed

    That would be the best way in my experience, especially given the situation. Just thank them for their time and what they have given to your daughter and let them know she will not be returning. Most people on this board that have "been there, done that" would advise the same. It would be...
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    For Parents How to move on… advice needed

    Just email them and move on. Thank them for their time and tell them that your daughter will not be returning. It doesn't sound like she has many connections there so just go. Not sure what the hesitation would be at this point based on what you said is going on.
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    WAG Holding ending pose for three seconds?!?

    I saw it mentioned on a college broadcast, but didn't know it applied to DP as well.
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    WAG Competing at lower levels

    Again, I should have been more clear. My daughter is lv 9 and I understand the reasons for not moving up levels. My specific question to the poster was about why they would not move out of level 3 as she stated they all had the skills to "compete lv 4 pretty decently". My daughter killed...
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    WAG Competing at lower levels

    Yes, my daughter has been in this sport for over 10 years, I understand the factors that go into moving levels :). I was referring specifically to the OP and why her gym operates this way.
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    WAG Competing at lower levels

    "Most of the 3s have decent kips and double ROBH and could probably compete 4 pretty decently". Then why don't they? Do they hold them back to perfect/win level 3??? Seems counterproductive.
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    For Parents Has anybody else dealt with judges showing local teams more leniency?

    No; up to level deduction means that, although a requirement is filled, it is not "up to par" with the level of difficulty typically seen in that level. For example, my daughter did a bhs-bwo beam series in level 8, but she most likely got an up to level deduction because she did not do a...
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    Anon Ready to Tap Out of CB...

    I remembered to uncheck the box! I posted upthread a while ago (but forgot to uncheck) to agree that yes, the board has taken a different turn over the past two years, but I hope in no way that it came across as a moderator problem. I think all of you mods do a great job keeping things moving...
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    For Coaches level 4 7 year old

    It's very individual with many factors contributing. My dd was a 7 yo level 4, she did quite well, but again, there are so many things to consider.
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    Anon Puberty Growth Spurt

    Everyone's path is different, but unfortunately for my dd it was a 3-4 year growth "spurt" of doubling body weight, 8+ inches and a much differently shaped body. Add many growth plate injuries to this and she retired at 15 training level 9. She was very successful up until level 8, did have to...
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    For Parents Attending travel meets when injured?

    My daughter broke her finger two days before a travel meet from NY to Orlando many years ago in compulsory. We went anyway because everything was paid for, we were very close with the families and the girls, and well...Disney :)
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    For Parents Higest Xcel level an average/neighborhood girl can achieve

    If your daughter just enjoys doing gymnastics, is recreational gymnastics an option? Not everything about this sport needs to be competitive. It can just be a fun, recreational activity that allows her to socialize and get exercise, and then she will have plenty of time and energy to pursue...