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  1. LittlePhantom

    For Parents Charm Bracelet/Necklace or Pins??

    Pins are a huge thing with DD and her teammates! Gymnastics Collectable Pins and Jewelry and Gymnastics Accessories Galore - Gymnastics Pins I are 2 sites where I have gotten them. I got her a level 4 pin for when she made it, adn I have the 9.0 on each event hidden away...just in case :D
  2. LittlePhantom

    For Parents Guess the scores-level 4

    I don't guess at scores either...that aspect of it is still a little new to me too... but she is just adorable and sun to watch! great job!
  3. LittlePhantom

    For Parents Meet Results

    I am no expert on lvl5 but I agree she was robbed! That was a beautiful floor routine! She is a joy to of luck at her next meet!
  4. LittlePhantom

    Gymnasts' "Time Out" during a meet?

    I dont see it as punishment..perhaps a coaching technique I dont agree with tho. One of my favorite things at the meets is hearing them cheer for each other...I would really miss that!
  5. LittlePhantom

    For Parents Bad Sportsmanship

    totally not cute in any way shape or form, and if my DD behaved that way I would probably have the coach "bench" her for a meet. We are just beginning our journey into competitive aspect of the sport but I have already had many talks with her about how she is to be happy for the girls who score...
  6. LittlePhantom

    For Parents Positive brags about your DD

    My dd is the opposite maturity wise..she is 8 now but in some regards much much younger than her same age peers. She also has some learning issues and is currently being tested for a learning disability. Shes been involved in gymnastics since she was 2, and it has helped with her focus and...
  7. LittlePhantom

    Old enough, too young?

    Even at 15 my dd BETTER not be talking about anything that a 5 yr old could not overhear..because then it would not be ok for her either. Boys football and *cringe* Justin Bieber..she talks about that stuff now at 8...and knows what is appropriate young lady conversation and what is not..I...
  8. LittlePhantom

    Old enough, too young?

    I am comfortable enough with my gym and the girls there that i would have let dd go to such a thing if we had them when she was in K..but we had already been at that gym for a while by then. Perhaps check with the coach..if she was scared or wanted to come home wouldn't they call you to come...
  9. LittlePhantom

    Snacks and practice

    DDs weekday practices are from 4-6:30 and she does not get a break then, I encourage her to eat something on our way there but she rarely does..but when she gets home she will eat a good dinner because she is really hungry by then On Sat the whole team practices from 8:30 -12:30 and they have a...
  10. LittlePhantom

    For Parents Suggestions for practice leos?

    I have bought DD a few here FlipFlop Leos items - Get great deals on MULTIPLE SIZES, ONE LISTING, Girl's Size 3 items on eBay Stores! Inexpensive so not all glittery and fun like GK but cute patterns and comfortable. Shes good with questions too...if you need help with a size or whatnot..a...
  11. LittlePhantom

    To watch or not to watch

    If my daughter asked me not to watch I wouldnt..however I know what you mean, its hard being the mom and WANTING to watch them. Perhaps she could pick one day a month that you could come watch? My DD has a love / hate thing with me watching..she loves for me to be there but at the same time...
  12. LittlePhantom

    For Parents First try at a vid

    Beautiful routine!
  13. LittlePhantom

    Anyone seen this? Thoughts?

    if it was after school got out and I had the money it would be so much fun!
  14. LittlePhantom

    Why Do Parents Comment On Gymmies That Are Not There Own?

    :eek: thats unreal! But good for the gym banning them from least they did something I never understood the no parents policy until my daughter got to this level. At our gym team parents are only allowed to watch for 30 min total per practice (which is almost 3 hrs) We had a...
  15. LittlePhantom

    For Parents OMG I can't believe it

    :eek: thats a lot to have come due at once! We pay and extra $100 a month for the 7 months of our competitive seasons (we have 2 right now) and at the end might have a small bill of under $100 leftover to pay. We also do some fundraisers with the $$ each girl earns going into their own...
  16. LittlePhantom

    For Parents Give it your best guess!

    I am totally clueless when it comes to scores, and anything over level 4 but I sure enjoyed watching her!:)
  17. LittlePhantom

    For Parents Coach bringing child to work

    that happened constantly at the first gym DD went to. Granted it was a recreational program but she was often tending to her baby and not paying attention to the kids. It was just one of many factors in us switching gyms tho..
  18. LittlePhantom

    Flippinlolly competes tomorrow- wish her luck!

    Best of luck today!!!
  19. LittlePhantom


    I knew I was in trouble the day my DD asked for a chin up bar as a birthday gift :) She does her chin ups (tries for 12 now) hands each way and leg lifts (the toes to fingers) every night and has been for a long time now. She also does a lot of v sits and push ups and stretching. She tends...
  20. LittlePhantom

    OT Halloween Costumes!

    DD8 is a vampiress and my little ones are a dragon and a dragon fly ..its as matchy matchy as i will let myself make them (twins :) )