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    WAG Does my kid lack potential, or is there favoritism?

    Well it looks like my dd is going to have a great season. She had her in house meet this weekend and it went really well. Out of 40ish girls, she was in the top three for two events and all around, which also included the kids that get to do back to back seasons, and she outscored them.
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    For Parents Is this normal? Really? :)

    I hate BARBS and glitter. They discourage glitter at our gym,thank goodness. I asked my dd what she thought of glitter and all I got was an eye roll.
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    WAG Does my kid lack potential, or is there favoritism?

    Thank you everyone for your thoughts and feedback. I won't be posting videos because I wouldn't want it to get back to the gym. Most of the girls on our team have been here about the same amount of time and I get that I shouldn't compare the girls to each other, all girls progress...
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    WAG Does my kid lack potential, or is there favoritism?

    My gymmie is repeating level 4 this season after a rough season. We made a gym switch to a "real" gym prior to last season and the new coaches had lots of things to fix and Bars and beam have taken the longest to fix, but are now looking fantastic. I'm really excited for this season. Some...
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    WAG Remember where you first learned about this. :)

    I've seen a tumble track version of this and it was used by an international traveling power tumbling group and the rebounds were super high and very bouncy. It will be interesting to see if this takes off.
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    Chunsong Sheng

    Sorry, I hit enter before I was done. I also agree on discrepancies with birth certificates. I had a co-worker who was actually 8 months older than her birth certificate, because it took her father that long to officially register her birth with the government. I also get that it may be hard...
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    Chunsong Sheng

    Honestly, my post was more out of concern for the child. I mean the Chinese government is going do whatever it is going to do, and the little girl is going to do what her country tells her to do, so that she can provide for her family. She just looks so small and as a mom, I'm concerned for...
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    Chunsong Sheng

    I am finally watching Worlds and there is no way Chunsong Sheng is 16. She looks so sickly and unhealthy. Poor kid. Even Nastia seemed to hint that she may not be 16 just prior to her vault.
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    For Parents Please share your "switched gyms" stories

    My dd liked her old gym, however, she realized that if she wanted to continue in the sport she needed to switch. I, personally couldn't stand the owner and was beyond ready for the change. We really only had 2 choices, and picked the choice closest to us. About 99% of the team switched for a...
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    WAG Scoring in the new cycle?

    My dd only has a couple of meets left and the scoring is harder for some and high for those that have competed the same level 2x or 3x. My dd is a 1st year level 4 and she has been scoring kind of iffy but is still trying to get over bad habits from the old gym. I really don't get the reason...
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    WAG Repeating Levels

    My daughter doesn't understand why her 9 on beam at the first meet was only good enough for 8th place. 6 of the 7 above her were level 4 pros that train 15 - 20 hours and are probably training level 7s. Oh well. I keep telling her to only work on improving each meet and not worry about scores...
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    WAG Repeating Levels

    My thing is though, the girls from this gym seem to be pros at the compulsory levels. Most girls seem to compete 2-3 years in all the levels (3-5).
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    WAG Repeating Levels

    After reading the Mobility post and watching my dd's meet this weekend, why on earth do coaches have girls who have won state championships repeat a compulsory level 2-3 times? Why would a parent agree to that? I get it if a kid really struggled and can't get the skills, but come on, even...
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    WAG I just don't know what to do.

    I'm a mom, and I just want to reach out and give flipo a big virtual hug. This is going to be a hard decision no matter what you decide. Every coach I've ever talked to, that was a gymnast regrets quitting, however, they all quit for very valid reasons. Fear, injury, pain, and life. As you...
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    For Parents How to delicately handle my daughter's goal

    Thank you all for your advise. I never want to crush her dreams, and I do plan to support her dreams whatever they are. It's just really hard knowing in my heart that it will be a huge challenge for her to overcome to realize her dreams. As far as college goes, I think college sports can be...
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    WAG Finally facing fear

    My dd has a fear of bwo on beam and hand stand forward roll on beam. I hope she gets over it soon.
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    For Parents How to delicately handle my daughter's goal

    Be prepared....long story! My dd is almost 10 and is currently a level 4. She is currently at a gym that focuses on the girls competing and potentially getting scholarships. They also have TOPs with a handful of girls making it to the national testing. We switched to this gym about a year...
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    For Parents Reflecting and wanted to share a few things I learned...

    Thank you for posting this. After watching my dd have a rough practice this week, you said the things I needed to hear today. She is trying to get ready for her first meet this season and is working on a progressive skill that has her terrified. I have never seen her cry and get upset about...
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    WAG Does my kid have to use music for floor?

    You may also try contacting the BYU coach.
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    For Parents Switched gyms... It is so weird...

    We did a gym switch after State last year and it was the best decision we ever made. I agree with Kitkat, sit back and watch and listen before you start to befriend anyone. That has been our philosophy, and so far,we have avoided most of the CGMs and CGDs. Our other friends have not been as...