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    For Parents Best equipment for home

    Agree with TigTimes….we had a small folding beam and a mat from our gym when they replaced some old ones. Other than that, nothing. Left the training in the gym.
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    For Parents New Member + Area Connections

    Hi! We are not from Canada, but our side of some stretching, my daughter has never done home training. Her coaches advise it’s best to leave at the gym.
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    For Parents Back Pain

    My daughter had the same thing….please get it checked. Stress fractures are not uncommon and you want to get an accurate diagnosis. Fortunately her MRI was fine and with physical therapy she has worked thought it. But it took some time.
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    WAG Shorts at practice

    DD gym has always allowed shorts. They do however just wear leo’s during a meet week.
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    For Parents How to discuss DD goals with coach (if at all)?

    I agree that setting up a meeting with the coach and having your daughter participate in the discussion. My daughter didn’t like speaking up either….finally was able to when she was up training from Level 8 to 9. Get her used to speaking her mind and her goals early on.
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    For Parents Don't know if I'm doing the right thing

    My take on it is that you did not ask for your daughter to be on the team/squad, only asked if there was a more advanced class for her. I don’t think that would necessarily be deemed pushy! Have her go if she wants and see how she likes it. If it’s a good fit you’ll know soon enough. Let us...
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    For Parents USAG and HS girls gymnastics

    Hi, see B & M's Mom comment below. She is correct. My daughter competed USAG (was going to compete level 8) until this year when she decided she wanted less pressure and wanted to transition to HS gymnastics. We are also in Illinois. Because the seasons overlap, it is rarely possible to do both...
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    WAG How / Where to Watch College Gymnastics

    ESPN, ESPN-U, PAC12 network and SEC network. Between them you should be able to catch pretty much all of the meets. That being said, ESPN-U, PAC12 and SEC are sometimes additional add-on channels depending on your cable provider and plan.
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    For Parents Anyone gone back to school in person yet?

    All online for my daughter - high school sophomore.
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    Return to gym stories

    Set to return Monday June 1, at least that’s the working plan right now!
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    WAG Lowest score?

    Beam, 8.9 fell off after flip flop - flip flop series.