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    For Parents Love/Hate relationship of gymnastics

    Love-her excitment sharing a triumph and break through with a new skill Hate- the time spent away from the family
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    For Parents social group for L8 and L9 parents

    May I please be added to the L8/9 group. Thank you.
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    WAG Level 7 at 13?

    What a GREAT post. I think this is more true of parents. They look around at the amazing things other kids are doing and forget how amazing what their own child is doing truly is. I'm so guilty of this. After reading a review of the book, he also states, it is those who have suffered...
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    For Parents What do you really wish you could tell the coach?

    What would I love to say to my daughter’s coaches? I would love them to know why I enjoy being an active member of CB. I’m certain it’s not for the reasons they think. I’m a researcher/fact checker by nature...a trait, I’ve discovered, many of us on this forum shares. In fact, I discovered...
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    For Parents Helping daughter get through a tough spot

    Coaches at my daughter's gym have stated to me that, in an attempt to prevent fear issues, they are very conscience not to push a child beyond skills for which what they are mentally ready. How does a coach know when a child is mentally ready for 'the next' skill?
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    For Parents Thank You ChalkBucket Family every year, blades every couple. Just bought a set of boots and blades 6 weeks ago, and I "cheaped" out at $600.oo. It kills me too...because I know she's starting to fizzle out...
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    For Parents Thank You ChalkBucket Family

    I always argue gym is a great value. Of course I only have skating to compare it to.... gymnastics - $4.50/hour - with instruction skating - $43.00/hour - with instruction; $16.00/hour - without instruction imo, That perspective makes gymnastics look practically free...
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    WAG competitive drive

    Yup - this is my daughter. If I had a dollar for every time someone said "I love her attitude", and "how lucky we are". But it's usually after a meet where she's had some kind of disappointment. So, I've gotten to the point where I just nod politely. Don't get me wrong being gracious is...
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    WAG competitive drive

    There is an ongoing debate in the gymnastics circle I run around in about what role competitive drive plays in gymnastics. My daughter (11; just finished her first year of optionals) completely lacks any sort of competitive drive. She is just as happy-go-lucky to leave a meet that she hasn't...
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    WAG Sick kid/fear

    I would never knowingly send my child to the gym sick, or even unusually tired-mostly for her safety; I also find it very inconsiderate when parents do allow their sick kids to attend. When it's time for your child to move up I would certainly hope the coaches had something better to concern...
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    For Parents At a loss (mental block follow-up)

    I relate to this. I have two children. They have each been given the exact same opportunities. They have each taught me so much about hard work and motivation. And I have concluded that 'You can lead a horse to water but you can't make her drink'. My gymnast, the youngest, was led to one...
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    For Parents The Grocery Bill?!!!!

    I have tremendous guilt if i don't buy organic this, vegetarian fed that! I hit 3 grocery stores every Sunday just to load up. It takes half the day and half a tank of gas...then....I spend $7.00 a lb for grass fed ground beef and she comes home from practice not hungry for dinner because...
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    WAG What percent of Level 4's stay with the sport until graduation?

    I am happy you asked this question. And cant believe you did because I was just thinking about this last evening going through pictures of my daughters. I ran across my daughters L4 team picture and realized Of 17 girls on her L4 team (2010-11) 7 have quit; 1 is L8-at another gym; 4 are L7; 1 is...
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    For Parents Coaches Backing Down To Parents?

    I would put this is in the "pro" column of your tally sheet. It only means more coaching time for your daughter.
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    For Parents Trust in the process?

    Okay-thanks for that honest response. You and I can agree the process is very dysfunctional. So then can I make a recommendation??, there needs to be a warning label that comes with the 'mom & tots' class (you remember the class, the one I enrolled my daughter in so we could spend some...
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    For Parents Trust in the process?

    Okay, then one last question, ...sorry to be a p.i.t.a. (seriously), but how does a parent then measure the success of their child if the parents 1) spend little time in the gym watching, because that's what's recommended; 2) can't use scores to measure success, because it's all relative; 3)...
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    For Parents Trust in the process?

    Thank you!! finally an answer to why scores don't matter that I can wrap my head around. And the reason why placement for my daughter is getting more difficult. I feel like, based on your comment, that very good choices are being made for her, but her scores are not reflective of that. Can...
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    WAG Practice before meets?

    I agree, I would be a bit concerned about 5 days without practice before a meet. But would I personally rock the boat? nope. It's your daughter's sport, and her desire to work out on Wednesday, have her approach her coach and request the extra day.
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    WAG Booster Club Question

    Amen sistah!!. This makes me nuts. Someone was pushing their loot today at work. I wanted to make them aware how many times I haven't asked them to buy some of the nonsense I have for sale, between skating-gymnastics-choir and school. The fundraising is required with my daughter's skate team...
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    For Parents "Parent-teacher conferences" in gymnastics?

    I can appreciate the context in which it was originally written by gymdog, and what the coaches are saying about communication, but dang...a parent should worry about their reputation when they take an interest in their child by asking a coach, the supposed expert, how their child is...