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    For Parents T&T in college?

    DD is 12 so obviously we got some time, but recently she has been talking alot about wanting to continue T&T through college. From what Ive seen it doesn't look like it's an NCAA sport. I know A&T is an option, but shes not really interested in that. Are there any options for this sport in...
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    For Parents That lady you hate on Twitter

    Im pretty sure i know which video your talking about. The mother posted it proudly in a fb group. I 100% agree with you. I removed my DD from a gym a couple years ago where she was being bullied by teammates, and the coaches would do nothing about it. I ended up finding out after I pulled her...
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    For Parents How long would you wait?

    I appreciate the responses :) DDs coach, that she REALLY likes will be going there as well as all her teammates are planning to switch to this gym. As well as I mentioned we both like the new owner. So I don't really want to go somewhere else. Also he is setting up some team conditioning for...
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    For Parents How long would you wait?

    Ok the city that it should actually be in is a big city. The city is in the address though. But I get what y'all mean. I've lived somewhere were my mail would come to me in 2 different cities. Lol I do have a couple of gyms on my list to try. I'm just trying to decide how long I should give it...
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    For Parents How long would you wait?

    So I posted about DDs gym closing and how her, her teammates and coach were supposed to be transferring to a new gym that was opening in the area. July 8th was their last day. And they still aren't in the new gym. We were originally told middle of July. Now we keep getting told next week, each...
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    For Parents T&T Gym closing

    We got news that our gym owner has decided to sale her building. I had a feeling. DD is devastated. I've posted in the past about our struggle to find a gym that's a good fit. Our owner really went out of her way to set us up though. She happened to have a friend who owns an artistic gym and has...
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    For Parents Coronavirus

    Ours is closed until at least the 20th. But they are following our school district closures and our school distroct has talked about being done for the school year. So, I wouldnt be surprised if we dont see that gym until summer time. We are in DFW it seems alot of gyms are closing. There are a...
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    For Parents Back to Artistic

    Well, she really is done. She had some really good days, got some new skills. But last night she came home and told me that she really is done. The spark just isnt there anymore. She says she wants to love it the way she used to but she just doesnt. It was alot quicker than I thought honestly...
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    For Parents Back to Artistic

    Ive asked questions about mega successful gyms. And at first DD (9) was wanting to try them out at the end of her T&T season. But as we got into season, it was very apparent she did not want to quit T&T. She says a part of her misses artistic, but she really doesnt want to quit T&T to go back...
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    WAG Help

    I worked DoorDash and Ubereats to cover her gymnastics
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    WAG She did it....shameless mom brag

    Congratulations to her! We've followed her journey for a little bit. She is an amazing gymnast
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    For Parents My daughters first ever Trampoline and Tumbling meet

    My daughter competed her first ever TNT meet yesterday. She had some highs and some lows. She received 2nd place for trampoline and double mini. Well she was happy with that. :D on the rod floor she messed up her second pass. She started too far up and didn't complete her pass before she got to...
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    WAG Bent legs after growth

    Every single time my DD grows she starts this thing were she squats really low going into her backhandspring. It always takes a couple of months to fix. She hasnt had the big growth spurt yet though
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    For Parents Metroplex gymnastics

    I actually had a Metroplex mom reach out to me. After her T&T season Im going to take her to watch a practice. She is still very wishy washy. One day shes gung-ho about going back and the next she doesnt want to even HEAR about gymnastics. BUT that very well could have to do with the struggle...
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    For Parents Metroplex gymnastics

    Im sorry I should've clarified. Me and her dad arent married. And hes the one Im butting heads with. He thinks her jumping back into gymnastics with one of the tougher gyms is a great idea. I think it would only solidify her decision to be done with the sport. Not to mention, I believe it...
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    For Parents Metroplex gymnastics

    So my DD (9) is doing T&T now as Ive posted before. And she loves it. She does have days where she wants to go back to gymnastics. We have talked about her going back after her season of T&T. But heres the thing. The desire to go back is very... fleeting and when she does talk about going back...
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    For Parents Just a small rant about jealous parents

    Thank you for the advice. I tried the headphones thing and it definitely worked. Lol. As for keeping track of placements. So for T&T I havent seen anything like mymeetscores. However you can go on the usag website and find the results from Nationals. Which, I admittedly did when DD decided she...
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    For Parents Just a small rant about jealous parents

    I just have to get this out real quick and maybe jealousy isnt the right word for this, but I just dont understand. Lol. My DD recently switched to T&T. I dont stay for practice. I used to hang around for the first 30 minutes and chit chat. I will occasionally try to see the last 30 minutes. One...
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    WAG Arching in vault front hand

    Agree. I thought DD was never going to be able to do that vault without arching. But it was like one day things just clicked
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    For Parents a word about Jealousy

    I have to agree. DD Did very well in her 3 years of artistic. With the exception of one season. And I can only think of 2 times we encountered jealousy. And both times were with crazy gym parents. The kind that watched every practice and would coach from the sidelines. One of them I was actually...