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    WAG Meets that Provide Leo

    We have a information form that we have copied on the back of our uSAG form as a side 2. When they renew USAG they must update all sizing information for shorts, leo's t-shirts, hoodies etc. if I see a size doesnt quite work for a child Inwill contact parent for verification. I have upon...
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    WAG Level 8 Bar Routine

    Is there another skill for level 8 bars that could replace the pirouette?
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    WAG Level 7 beam series

    What about tick tock bhs bhs for L7 & L8
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    For Parents Booster 501c3 Question

    Has anyone looked into 501c4 instead. I dont know all the ins and outs but It is based on parents paying their own money. It cannot be used as a tax write off and donations/fundraisers can only be 35%. This is because your personal money is already taxed.
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    For Parents is it common for level 6 gymnasts to create own beam routine?

    Did they change rules and you have to do mobility meet for L6?
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    WAG Level 5 back handspring on beam

    What are some of the C skills for floor bars beam and even vault?
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    For Parents TOPS RESULTS....

    Anyone know the 10 yr old cut off?
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    WAG Level 7 beam series

    I was concerned cuz last year during a mock meet one of our L7's got deducted for bhs bhs. Im not sure what else was in there I just remember that. DD is working on tick tock bhs bhs. Was just wondering if that series was allowed.
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    WAG Level 7 beam series

    Is BHS BHS allowed in level 7 beam series? I thought it wasn't allowed until level 8.
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    WAG Non-profit booster club concerns

    501 C7 is a little different then 501 C3 from the what I Have been reading. And been inquiring about.
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    WAG Non-profit booster club concerns

    Are you talking about C3 or C7?
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    WAG Non-profit booster club concerns

    Thank you for that link it was informative. Although we do some fundraising most of our funds come from the parents themselves. We don't get donations from any businesses and you are right probably because of the tax write off. We have had a few businesses to sponsor a kid but it was $500 or...
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    WAG Non-profit booster club concerns

    @skschlag Yes 501c7, I know there are several different ones. I was reading on line that an attorney could not work for free for a booster club any more and he suggested they go 501 C7. Does any one know the benefits/ differences?
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    WAG Floor music

    Try legit mix they have dj's that can mix it however you want.
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    WAG Coach Education

    Owner wants booster club to pay for gymnasts and coaches.
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    WAG Coach Education

    Thats just the cost of the courses what about their travel expenses, food, hotel and of course they want to get paid for each day they are there, that starts to get expensive. Owner doesnt want to pay for ANYTHING for the gymnastics. Feels boosterclub should pay all.
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    Wow on guests/lurkers

    Thanks JBS!
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    WAG Coach Education

    When coaches attend training camps who pays for it or who should pay for it. Os that part if the responsibility of the boosterclub or the gym/owner?