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    For Parents What’s normal recovery from Covid for gymnast?

    Hi all. I seldom come here, but have a question for you all! My 14-y/o NGA level 6 daughter just had Covid for the first time. She’s vaccinated, a year ago. She had maybe 5 days of mild cold symptoms. She’s now on day 13 and has felt fine for days. No fatigue, nothing at all. She’s been out...
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    For Parents Ankle pain from flat feet! How help?

    Hi! I’m new to posting here. Looking for any help anywhere I may find some! My 13-y/o daughter (4th year on team, USAIGC) has developed persistent ankle pain which has worsened so they’re very sore for a day or even more after every practice. Ortho says her flat, pronating feet may likely...