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    MAG Men- Cheerleading???

    So this topic is not completely related to gymnastics, but looking to see if anyone might have any information as I don’t know where to even potentially begin. My 16 son is a former gymnast- only made it to level 7, always struggled on pommel and ultimately decided to quit 3 years ago and play...
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    MAG Skip the season or compete only 3 events?

    Thanks for all the great responses! DS decided he is going to compete and just focus on the three events for now- we are hopeful that he might be able to add a 4th by the end of the season. Hearing all of your feedback has definitely made me feel better about this decision. DS is in an...
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    MAG Skip the season or compete only 3 events?

    DS (13) just came home from practice and shared that his coach told him he thinks he could either plan to compete only 3 events (floor, vault and pbars) this upcoming season or should just skip the season. He competed L6 last year- he struggled a lot and did not have a great season. Over the...
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    MAG JD?

    Does anyone have a DS competing JD or have any familiarity with this program? DS is 13 and just finished first year of L6. He struggles greatly with mushroom and this has really held him back. His coach approached us to tell us he would be starting a JD team program for the boys next year...
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    MAG Criteria for Moving Up

    DS (12) started gym late and just finished his second season of L5. He had a rough year due to a lot of growth and some challenges with his coach. Our gym has always required all bonuses to be competition ready prior to moving to the next level. DS still does not have muscle up and struggles on...
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    MAG Did we go too far

    I am finally back with an update! Sorry it has taken so long- my fathers health is in decline and I have been preoccupied with this for the past two weeks (it has actually helped to put this perspective). I actually do have some good news to share . I did meet with the gym manager (without the...
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    MAG Did we go too far

    Thank you all so so much for the great advice and support! It is great to hear that I am not the only one to go through this and also that some of you have had some positives come from change. At this time, it is just so hard to think about actually leaving our gym. It feels like DS has grown...
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    MAG Did we go too far

    Sorry...this is bit long. I have not really been active on this board but I do lurk and post every now and then. I was hoping to get some insight as we had a big blowup at the gym this past week. DS just turned 12 and a 2nd year L5. He has really been struggling with strength. He grew 4...
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    MAG Is it time for a break?

    Hopimg some of you may have some insight as to handle dealing with DS coach. DS is 11 and had a rough year as a L5 last year. His team lost their HC and this position has not been replaced- rather they just promoted our assistant coach who is all of 24 and still going to college. He was a great...
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    For Parents Grip Emergency-Any advice ?

    Help!!!! DS has states tomorrow and tonight after practice he was complaining that the holes in his grips were too tight. My husband tried to make the holes larger, but rather than using sandpaper he used his knife! I am sure you can all imagine where this is going....he ripped the spacer...
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    MAG Mushroom circles, yay!

    You all give me hope! It's been well over a year and DS still barely has a circle. He did move up to L5 this year, but there is no way that he is going to have 3 circles by his first competition. I just keep hoping that one of these days will be the day that it clicks! The mushroom lives in...
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    MAG Grips

    DS is very excited to be getting his first pair of HB grips! Coach has recommended 501 Blues with buckles. However, DS is insisting that he wants velcro. What is the real difference between the buckle and velcro? What have your boys used (he is just a L5)? I can see that velcro may be easier...
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    WAG Gymnastics and ex spouses

    We are going through this right now... it's really devastating to watch :-( My DH has joint custody and the kids split the week, spending half with us and half with their mother; although they do go to school based out of their mothers address, which is 30 miles away (we do a lot of driving)...
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    For Parents Parents giving Financial Rewards for Young Atheletes

    One of my DS's teammates is financially rewarded for scores...he gets a $5 for 8, $10 for 9, $20 for 10!! We have 6 events in MAG, which means the kids could walk away with $120 per competition! Crazy! What is even crazier is that the entire team and all of the parents know about it... there is...
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    MAG 9 and in rec

    DS just completed his first season as a 9 year old L4. At many of the competitions we attended, his age group was pretty large and there was always at least one or two groups of older L4's (his team even had two 14 year olds). If your son wants to be on team, I would definitely talk to the...
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    MAG Gymnastics High and Lows

    Thanks everyone for the have made me feel much better! He is been taking the next two weeks off for some vacation time which was planned before the injury...however, when we return he will be back at practice!
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    MAG Gymnastics High and Lows

    While I have never posted anything, I have been lurking on this board for a bit ...we have had a crazy gymnastics week of highs and lows this week so it has prompted me to make my first post :-) A little about me- my DS 10 started gymnastics about 18 months...started just taking a rec class as...