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    For Parents What is a good next sport for a retired gymnast?

    Rock climbing is a great sport! My son competed and it's a great community of people. Plus it's a sport you can do inside and out for life! If he's a strong swimmer- water polo is a blast- I used to play and coach. Gymnasts make great golfers too.
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    For Parents D1 path

    For those with college gymnasts, how many years at L10 did she do? How many repeated L8/9 years? Just curious because our gym has a fairly small, new batch of L6/7s who all want to do college gym but are all on the older side... 11/12... they are super well coached and score high with up trained...
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    For Parents Is two hours to much for a four year old

    My dd was in and out of rec classes for 2 years. She'd like it and then she wouldn't. I just would make her finish what I'd paid for and then she'd stop for a while. Gym wanted her on team at 5 and I said no... she didn't start on team until 7. At that age, she was all in and loves it more each...
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    For Parents Level Progression Path - Pros/Cons?

    Our gym used to go 4 to 6. Now, we do every level- no skipping or scoring out. However, the girls in L6 put in lots of L7 skills in their routines (giants, layout etc.). And same with higher levels upskilling their routines. The coach wants them to be completely comfortable competing at that...
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    For Parents CNN opinion article on gymnastics and race.

    Very nice!! I love the fact that my daughter's optional team is so diverse!
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    WAG Competing at lower levels

    Our gym uptrains 1-2 levels above what they compete so that kids are super comfortable with competition skills and don't develop mental blocks. Also, as previous post suggested, often kids are way ahead on one event but not on others. My dd is comfortably ahead on beam but just now getting full...
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    For Parents Perseverance

    I agree. My gymnast is definitely transitioning from extrinsic motivation (top placements in L2-4) to intrinsic motivation L5 and up. It's fun to do well but I think she's learning that her desire to do gymnastics is deeper than that and she's not thrown off by bad days or mental blocks as...
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    For Parents Encouragement during adolescence

    Same age, same level here. We've been through some minor injuries and set backs and I understand that feeling that she is "behind" if wanting to do college gym. However, I really think being 12 at L6/7 is a good age for steady progression and less burn out. They know their body; they are old...
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    For Parents Daughter hates competing?

    I'm sorry. That sounds rough. I think most gymnasts are perfectionists so I can see how not being ready/confident could make her not enjoy competing. After all, it's essentially a display of what you can do. While my daughter is ok with competing, she definitely thrives during summer uptraining-...
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    For Parents Perseverance

    A dad of a very successful gymnast who was having some setbacks recently said that he's more interested in seeing how his daughter responds to adversity than seeing her consistently succeed. I love that. Last meet, my L6 dd went over on her low bar kip cast handstand. After collecting herself...
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    WAG Xcel Friday morning sessions

    At lower DP levels 2-4, most of my daughter's meets were Fridays. I disliked it at the time but also liked it because we had so many more weekends free! Now, almost every weekend is taken up by meets. Also, a meet may be required but you do not have to go. I did not take my daughter to a travel...
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    For Parents Looking for advice on my daughter's gymnastics track

    My daughter has no interest in elite but wants to do college. She started late and should be L10 by 10th grade. She is a little behind but she hasn't repeated and consistently uptrain/competes below what she could. I'm hoping that equals a confident 10. But... a lot can happen! I'd be ok if she...
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    WAG Avoiding Burn Out

    I was forceful in insisting that my dd take Wednesdays off even though they were required and I was paying for them. Luckily, the coaches were receptive and saw how much it helped her to have a break during the week (she never fell behind and consistently did as well as others). This year, they...
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    For Parents Featured Assessment Fee Vs Volunteering

    We have a booster club and charge assessments for meet entries and coaching, hotels etc. associated with meets. We ask for volunteers for fundraising efforts and whatever money we raise gets split among returning gymnasts the next year. Parents also get free entry into their child's session if...
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    WAG Washing leos

    With practice leotards, I wash in the washer and dry in the dryer... I do it with regular laundry. Perhaps I would care more if she wasn't growing out of them every 6-9 months. With her comp leotard, I hand wash with a tiny bit of regular detergent and lay to dry for the first day and then hang.
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    For Parents First meet in the season!

    My daughter had her first me a few weeks ago and I was super proud of how she handled it. First year L6 and she's used to being 1st or 2nd at this meet. She did not even make top 5. She had an amazing floor routine and scored a 9.7 but wobbled a lot on beam, her best event, and chose to have a...
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    For Parents Featured Fast tracking gymnasts

    Our gym doesn't fast track. They've had very few gymnasts skip levels. They uptrain quite a bit and then have the girls compete at a very comfortable level. It leads to fewer repeated levels, fewer injuries, and potentially longer careers... it's a fairly new program so we will see.
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    For Parents Featured Too many hours (gymnastics) / switch sports

    My daughter goes to a private school but we were able to work it out thst she misses her last class 3x a week and so she can go to the early group and finish at 7pm. Such a difference than finishing at 8! And she opted (I forced) her not to do the extra optional day so she only practices 18...
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    For Parents Featured Hardest Skill To Acquire

    Can she practice snapping down with 2feet from a handstand? And then a sideways handstand? That might help.