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    WAG Gymnastics Talk

    tHis is a place where we can just talk about anything including gymnastics, and life. First question is: What is your favorite event and why? Mine would be floor because I enjoy to tumble and upbeat dance.
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    For Parents Keeping leotard from riding up?

    i have a link but its not working just any butt glue on amazon will work
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    For Parents Keeping leotard from riding up?

    Hi i've used this since foreever, hope it helps!
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    For Parents Not mature enough for level

    I think it's more about if she's comfortable being around all the older kids because it might feel uncomfortable. If shes already ing gold at level 7 than she could go really far. The coaches won't let her do something she's not capable of.
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    For Parents 7 year old wants to quit - Looking for advice

    I would say let her do what she wants, I've sometimes felt like that but then during breaks, I realize how much I miss it. I think at her level/age she should choose what she wants. Because she's not even in middle school yet she can't do sports with her middle school, I'm in seventh and when I...