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    For Parents Level 6 gymnast Might quit

    When you say Yes to upper level gymnastics you say No to a lot of other things- serious academics, maybe STEM, theatre, music/band, student government, science projects, robotics team, writing, serious volunteering to help the needy or for church or other causes...
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    ChalkBucket Is Secret?!?!

    I should have said: they KNOW about Chalkbucket, if they search the Internet for answers. It is possible that well connected people can ask coaches and friends and don't need the Internet. But I really don't know.
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    ChalkBucket Is Secret?!?!

    Your gym friends, enemies, frenemies are probably already on Chalkbucket. If you ask questions about gymnastics on Google Chalkbucket is the #1 or #2 result. Try: my daughter discouraged in gymnastics my daughter trouble with kip trouble moving up to gymnastics level 4
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    irritated with USAG and Simone crew

    "Losing a skill" and "having fear issues" are common problems for gymnasts. I think it would be more honest for her to say that is what happened to her. Those things aren't a disgrace, but I don't think they are mental health issues.