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    For Parents Abrupt end of her season...

    If you do get an MRI make sure you get a copy of the report yourself. The issue with my daughter's ankle was all the soft tissue which is what the MRI will show. I got the report a year later just because I was curious since she was still having issues and wished I had gotten it right away...
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    For Parents Abrupt end of her season...

    Absolutely this... My daughter had a serious ankle injury and in hindsight we did not have the best doctor, and it took two years to recover. Please take your time to find the right doctor. One of my biggest regrets as a parent is not going to the emergency room right away. My daughter has a...
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    For Parents Featured Specialization And Overuse Injuries In Gymnastics

    In my mind early specialization and over training are two very different issues. I suspect most gyms have a combination of both issues going on at the same time. We have been at a low hour gym and frankly the gym has not produced a lot of high-level gymnasts, but I believe that was due more to...
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    WAG Bringing Back College Club Team

    I would reach out to other college club teams and see what other clubs are using for facilities. I think a key aspect will be liability insurance and coaching. Other clubs should be able to help you set up a program. Also your college should have a recreational sports office and they also...
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    For Parents Easier, more difficult events L8 to L9

    In my daughter's first L10 meet a couple of weeks ago only 9 of the 20 L10's competed all four events. It is still early in the season. She was in the older age group and won AA with a low score because she was the only one to compete all four events. Two gymnasts competed bars and three...
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    For Parents Featured Specialization And Overuse Injuries In Gymnastics

    I thought that because gymnastics created overall conditioning and involved strength, flexibility, and technique in 4 or 6 different events that it was not considered a sport that you needed to worry about specializing too early? Most other sports do not have the variety that gymnastics does. I...
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    For Parents Lacking Team Support

    Leaving awards early and not supporting a teammate is a huge red flag to me. I know we have had gymnasts from other gyms come to ours and sometimes it takes a while for them to really feel part of the group, but we would never strand a gymnast at awards unless someone had to get home quickly...
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    For Parents First meet in the season!

    Well, her first meet was yesterday, and she had a decent showing!! Not a perfect meet by any means but she landed her vault, attempted her double front dismount on bars (did not land it but it was her first time trying it at a meet), vastly improved her cast handstands from previous years and...
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    ChalkBucket Site Upgraded: Please Watch For Errors

    there used to be a college section that listed the different conferences, men's, and D3. I can't find that anymore.
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    For Parents Gymnastics in Tuscon

    I can help with this and i will be completely unbiased as possible with my responses and not reveal out gym. There are about 6 gyms in Tucson. I will list them with a side comment. 1. Arizona Dynamics Tucson - High powered gym puts out college athletes and has an Excel program with higher...
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    For Parents First meet in the season!

    My daughter has not competed since 2020. Between Covid and a serious injury in 2021 that she is still coming back from she probably won't compete her first meet until late January or early February. She barely got any serious training in over the summer, and I think was quite depressed about it...
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    WAG eating disorders

    It is sad, but I feel like a lot of athletes, both male and female, are consumed with weight. Runners also have a high correlation with eating disorders, especially long-distance runners. Athletes lose a little weight, perform better, and then want to lose more. At first there is success as...
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    For Parents Featured Hardest Skill To Acquire

    What skills does she do instead of a release? They are probably harder than the release??
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    For Parents Concerns - should we switch gyms?

    Doesn't sound like a very positive environment to me, I would be looking at other options. Just be careful looking around some gyms get very upset if you even think about leaving and then kick you out before you have decided. So be sure that you are really ready to leave. Once you start thinking...
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    For Coaches Gymnast’s Mental Block Cycle

    So, my daughter had this same issue. Not sure she ever really got over it as she is a really good front tumbler. I suggest you just let her do the skill un-connected without spot. She will get a big deduction, but she will do it on her own. She will then not like her score and either fix it on...
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    For Parents Featured Unpopular Opinions

    Completely agree with you on raising the Olympic age to 18. The rush to get young girls to level 10 and then elite to me is insane not only from a physical standpoint but also for the potential emotional aspects. Most of the men's Olympic team are in college or even out of college. I don't...
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    For Parents How do i approach this?

    My advice is to try to observe and try to see what is really being said. I do think girls at this age are very sensitive and can take things out of context and dwell on them. However, I discovered way too late that my daughter's coach (no longer at the gym) had joked around about eating too...
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    For Parents Featured Unpopular Opinions

    I used to work with the IBEW, good for you for reaching out and starting a new career. I love the idea of a coach's union. Unions have a bad rap in the US but there is a growing trend to organize. Back in the day there was a reason Unions got formed, and it was because businesses did not pay...
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    For Parents Level 9/level10

    I think in terms of NCAA a few classes would be ok, our issue is that the academic $ my daughter was awarded was based on her being a freshman. I think they have more $ to give out for freshman than what admissions considers transfer students. So, if she wanted to be eligible for the academic $...
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    For Parents Level 9/level10

    Well that would be awesome, but that was not what I was told. Hopefully we will find out. Thanks for your comments. I think it is confusing, the NCAA language is a little obtuse if you ask me.