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    WAG Toe-hand question (Toe Hand 101 / Late Drop)

    This is such a helpful thread! My daughter has been working on toe hands with and without a spot without the arch snap (so close!) and then separately working on the arch snap and I was (foolishly) thinking that her toe hands were “wrong” because they don’t look like upper level toe hands. (In...
  2. K

    WAG Featured 2022 TOPs testing

    For folks doing TOPs, curious how skill/routine development is going in your gym.
  3. K

    WAG Vacuums and chalk

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if some coaches, gym owners, etc. might be willing to weigh in on an important but mundane topic--vacuums! What vacuums do a good job with chalk without immediately having the filter clogged so the vacuum stops functioning after just vacuuming a floor or a runway...
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    For Parents Online flexibility one on one coaching

    It’s easy to do flexibility incorrectly when following YouTube or general classes in a way that defeats the purpose of the exercise. And when flexibility improvements (in hips, shoulders, etc.) are needed to prevent injury (in addition to reducing deductions), some lessons could be helpful at...
  5. K

    For Coaches Ethical Spotting?

    It seems like spotting serves different purposes on different events, and can therefore be useful or not useful on different events. On bars, for example, spotting can help with building strength to do skills, building confidence to make connections that are difficult, and allowing the gymnast...
  6. K

    For Parents Featured Child Development Education for Coaches? (Thoughts & Resources)

    I really, really, really wish our gym required this, and I would be absolutely more than happy to pay extra dues for the coaches to take this kind of a class for the team coaches (and I have heard other parents say the same!)
  7. K

    For Parents Online flexibility one on one coaching

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anybody had suggestions for flexibility coaches who offer private coaching sessions remotely. Thanks!
  8. K

    2022 TOPs Testing

    What does the future look like for TOPs?
  9. K

    For Parents Featured Hardest Skill To Acquire

    Yeah, my daughter got a BHS on high beam in one day (from floor to high beam ready for competition). She got a roundoff layout dismount because her coach suggested off-hand that she try it. Same with BHS BHS series on high beam. But bars? Lord help me. She’s terrified to shift her hands on...
  10. K

    For Parents First Meet

    Bahaha this makes me feel better. I sat watching this thread for a good 24 hours and kept shaking my head and thinking to myself, "How on Earth? Is he really not checking scores online 8 billion times during the meet? I mean yeah I'm sure I'd find it more enjoyable that way but how could i...
  11. K

    For Parents confused myself.. (US Elite Athlete Geography)

    New scores came out recently:
  12. K

    WAG Featured 2022 TOPs testing

    Yeah though interestingly there were only 240 available testing physical abilities testing slots each weekend and five weekends. So a max of 1200 testing and most kids I suspect tested 2 or 3 times. So probably more like 600 did physical abilities testing, whereas I understand that the prior...
  13. K

    WAG Featured 2022 TOPs testing

    The physical abilities testing is out of a total score of 60. And the cut off of 30 is not national qualifying cut off, instead it’s just the cut off to be able to do skills testing in the spring. From there, they will rank participants and only some will be invited to national testing. And from...
  14. K

    WAG Featured 2022 TOPs testing

    Just posted:
  15. K

    WAG BWO vs BHS on beam

    Even for a series, it’s common to skip the BWO BHS series. My daughter went from BHS to HS BHS to BHS BHS.
  16. K

    WAG BWO vs BHS on beam

    Yes. My daughter competed a back handspring in level 5 because of a back injury.
  17. K

    For Parents Featured Age/Level and Path they took to get there

    Congrats on the Air Force signing. That's amazing!!!
  18. K

    WAG Featured 2022 TOPs testing

    Thanks! It's very strange doing it in a year where everything is revamped and where you have to qualify from physical abilities to get to do skills testing. No one really has any idea what the cutoff score will be--a 48 (basically an average of 8/10 for each physical ability), which it seemed...
  19. K

    WAG Featured 2022 TOPs testing

    These are all taking place by Zoom. This was the last day of TOPs testing, with four sessions each with a max of 60 gymnasts doing it at any one time. At my daughter's gym there were maybe 6 or 7 girls testing?
  20. K

    WAG Featured 2022 TOPs testing

    My daughter just did her TOPs testing today. She was only able to try at this final testing, so hope it went well enough! I have no idea what kind of score will be necessary to make it--aside from seeing some IG tinies getting like 57s, I don't have any idea of how the scoring distribution...