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    For Parents Best leo brands?

    What are the best leo brands when thinking about comfort, availability, sizing, and price? I'm sure there are many other factors, but I just named a few.
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    For Parents Does anyone else have this problem?

    My dd uses her right leg for handstands and walkovers, but uses her left leg for cartwheels, roundoffs, and turns. Is this something that needs to be worked around for? Would it be a good idea for her to learn her right leg cartwheel instead, for example? She is not at a high level (around xcel...
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    For Parents Getting a job as a gymnastics coach/instructor as a teen

    She does high school gym and wants to continue gymnastics at a club gym. We are still finding a gym that is right for her but she will probably work at the gym she competes in.
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    For Parents Getting a job as a gymnastics coach/instructor as a teen

    My daughter, currently 15, is looking for jobs over the summer (she may continue during the school year, part-time). She adores kids and works well with them, and also loves gymnastics. Are jobs at gyms offered to teenagers in this position? If not, what could be another possibility?
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    For Parents Success stories for later starting gymnasts

    More towards tweens and teens!
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    For Parents Success stories for later starting gymnasts

    What are some success stories that your daughter who started gymnastics later had?
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    For Parents Punching up, not out

    My daughter is working on front tucks and aerials on floor. She says she just can't wrap her mind around going up. As a result, her front tucks are very low and she has to put her hands down for her aerial. For front tucks, she tries to look at a high spot on the wall, but she still punches low...
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    For Parents Xcel Questions

    I have a few questions about xcel gymnastics: 1. How many years in each level? 2. What if a gymnast is not that good on a couple of events but really good on the other events? Can they skill move up a level? 3. How to get started as an xcel gymnast if they have never competed before? 4. Is...
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    OT Got any skills recently?

    Ever since my daughter started her high school gymnastics season, she has started to get skills real fast. She got her ro bhs bhs a few months ago (after not even having a standing bhs last season!) and got her kip last month but hasn't gotten her kip since. She also got her bwo on beam in 20...
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    WAG Sticky/sweaty feet

    My daughter is working on full turns on beam. According to what she told me, her foot barely moves when turning. When she uses chalk, it doesn't help too much and makes her feet hurt from the friction. The chalk also melts off after doing only a couple of turns. Does anyone have suggestions? She...
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    WAG Easiest (or easier) platinum floor routines

    What are some ideas for easy or easier platinum floor routines with a 10.0 start value?
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    WAG Would this be considered a xcel gold or platinum beam routine?

    My daughter is wondering what level (xcel) routine this would be: tuck jump without hands mount full turn cartwheel, cartwheel split jump, 3/4 turn jump back walkover barani dismount TIA!