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  1. MuggleMom

    For Parents Level Progression Path - Pros/Cons?

    It depends on your kid and the gym. I've seen all the different ways done successfully. Level 5 is hard. Its scored hard and honestly from what I have seen just not terribly fun. However, many kids at our gym do really well slugging through 5 then going to 6/7 depending on their skills. For most...
  2. MuggleMom

    WAG Level 9 Acro series connection with side Ariel

    This tends to be the problem with a lot of the connections where you have to swing the leg through to the next skill (cartwheel RO, aerial RO, BHS step through to RO etc) That step through part has to be constant motion. My kiddo did CW RO for a series for over a year and early on it was very...
  3. MuggleMom

    WAG Level 9 Acro series connection with side Ariel

    Maybe ariel step through to roundoff? I think I saw someone online do that. I dont think you can do Ariel Ariel till level 10.
  4. MuggleMom

    For Parents Daughter hates competing?

    My kid as always hated competing. Competing is what she has to do to get to work on the next fun thing that she wants to work on. Some kids like the ability to show off and some like flex of having cool skills. I would try and determine if this not liking competing is new or if she is finally...
  5. MuggleMom

    WAG L8 bars ?

    I do see the occasional toe hect in level 8 as opposed to the pirouette. Other things may meet the requirement but I havent personally seen them at meets so they are probably pretty uncommon.
  6. MuggleMom

    For Parents Easier, more difficult events L8 to L9

    I think the skill jump from 8 to 9 across all events is pretty big so I would say the hardest event will be your weakest event. Typically in optionals what I see is your weakest event is probably where you are doing the lower end of required skills so that jump is going to be bigger than say...
  7. MuggleMom

    For Coaches level 4 7 year old

    Scores/placements in lower levels do not always mean the same scores/placements in higher levels. My kid was like 7 at level 3 and 8yo at level 4 and scored in the 34/35 range not really placing super high execept on her best event. Many kids at her gym were rackging up 37+ scores and placing...
  8. MuggleMom

    For Parents Annoyed - flyaway meet where only competitors were teammates

    We just did a bigger travel meet (could drive but several flew) and we competed against the gym from across the street back home. Very frustrated. The coaches were frustrated too based on several comments they made to me. I imagine we will not go to that meet again. I think some gyms try and...
  9. MuggleMom

    For Parents Anyone going/been to Buckeye classic recently?

    This is so helpful we will be flying out to that meet. We go on Thursday and come home later Sunday. Never been to Ohio so want some fun stuff to do :) Good eating options that arent typicaly national chains are always a plus!
  10. MuggleMom

    OT College Schedule Improvements

    I will say if you are interested in good discussions about college gymnastics then Reddit has some good conversations. I’m not super knowledgeable so I read about it more than comment a ton. I think this group focuses more on raising gymnasts than straight up sport appreciation.
  11. MuggleMom

    For Parents Attending travel meets when injured?

    I guess for me it would depend if I could get my money back
  12. MuggleMom

    OT College Schedule Improvements

    Love the schedule you posted, it would be awesome if we could find or centralize a place that has where meets are being streamed or broadcast as well. I try and find them to watch sometimes and its hard to figure out which ones you can get through ESPN which ones are broadcast on this service or...
  13. MuggleMom

    For Parents Heel pain(severs apophysitis ) with increased training hours

    Oh I also highly recommend getting GOOD sneakers (not cheap or cool sneakers and definitely not VANS!!) and buying a good insole support for those sneakers. As @JBS said what they do at school definitely impacts heel pain. Big running PE days would cause big foot pain flare ups. Also we used to...
  14. MuggleMom

    For Parents Attending travel meets when injured?

    I recently let my kid go to a travel meet with teammates when she wasn't competing. It wasnt expected or required but she wanted to go with her friends. If she was close with teammates I would suggest trying to find a way for her to go but since it sounds like thats not the case I would involve...
  15. MuggleMom

    For Parents Heel pain(severs apophysitis ) with increased training hours

    Massaging my kiddos calf and dealing with calf tightness was probably one of the bigger helps during flare ups. I will say the Cheetacups are alright but my kiddo switched the the xbrace and said it helped better and since its not this big neoprene thing you don't have the odor issues you have...
  16. MuggleMom

    For Parents Level 8 Beam series

    Can you do a handstand back tuck for your level 8 beam series? DD is returning from back fractures and beam is probably the biggest strain on her back. She did BHs tuck last year for level 8 but doing enough bhs to get comfortable with the series is too much for her back right now. Her coach...
  17. MuggleMom

    WAG What needs to be added... (L9 Beam Routine)

    I thought the series had to have a Salto but honestly I dont know. My kid was training 9 but had to repeat 8 due to injury so my level 9 knowledge is limited. Also wouldnt that have 3 BHS so the 3 one wouldnt count which would probably effect bonuses etc.? I also thought the dismount needed to...
  18. MuggleMom

    WAG Mobility scores..who checks them

    I was being a little flippant on purpose. I agree and I would not be comfortable with my gym straight breaking the rules but in the end the gymnast has the ability to be successful or not. I think sometimes people get caught up in the mobility score issue when they see kids "skipping levels"...
  19. MuggleMom

    WAG Mobility scores..who checks them

    Also whats the difference between lying about a mobility score and the kid achieving the mobility score in a very generously scored in house meet (which honestly I think a lot of gyms do). As @ldw4mlo said in the long run it doesnt matter too much they either have the skills and do fine at the...
  20. MuggleMom

    For Parents Featured Fast tracking gymnasts

    I guess it depends on what you mean by fast track. We have a homeschool group that does more hours. It may be perceived that they are "fast tracked" but realistically they have paced fairly evenly and scored very evenly with the kids going at night that are doing less hours. Now that they are...