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  1. M2Abi

    USAG State/Regional Mask Requirements

    I really think it's an unreasonably difficult stance to take. I can't wear a mask, and when it's required, I wear a face shield. No one has ever asked for a note from my doctor. At the last meet I was at, I was the only one wearing a face shield, everyone else was masked. For the very few...
  2. M2Abi

    WAG Is it hard to go from level 5 to 7?

    This used to be true, but they changed the requirements for Level 6 to make it more of an "in between" level. Vault is a flipping timer instead of front handspring, bars requires a flyaway out of a cast instead of tap swings, beam requires a flight element or acro series. There might be more...
  3. M2Abi

    For Parents Tips to make meets more enjoyable?

    Definitely get the stadium seat. After you get to know the venues, you'll learn which ones you'll need it for. If possible, get a babysitter for younger siblings. My youngest was brought along many times and he had his iPad and lots of snacks (and still hated every second).
  4. M2Abi

    For Parents Is this normal?

    When my daughter was on pre-team, they moved a girl up to Level 3 that was not ready to compete (and my daughter had better skills than she did). I have no idea why they did that and at the time it upset me. Turns out my daughter was better off on pre-team because they were focused on...
  5. M2Abi

    So now that the vax is a reality who will be getting.......

    We are not high risk. My DH works from home. I homeschool my son. We will not be getting the vaccine. My sister-in-law, who is a doctor, recently got her 2nd COVID vaccine and she was very sick, staying in bed.
  6. M2Abi

    WAG Level 8 beam questions.

    I've never heard of needing a balance/flexibility skill for Level 8. As I understand the requirements, it's 4 A skills, 4 B skills, including full turn, 180 split jump/leap, acro series with at least one of the skills being flight, salto dismount.
  7. M2Abi

    For Parents Bullying

    My daughter dealt with bullying/exclusion in Level 3. It was never an issue in the higher levels. Definitely address it with the coach and teach your daughter how to deal with it. If nothing improves, then I would leave. Gymnastics isn't worth needing therapy later in life.
  8. M2Abi

    For Parents Are your kids able to compete this season?

    Platinum regionals are end of April/beginning of May, so there's hope.
  9. M2Abi

    For Parents Are your kids able to compete this season?

    I'm not sure about Platinum regionals. My gut feeling would be that the governor would not increase restrictions. We had our COVID spike in November and cases are continuing to decrease. I would be fairly confident that regionals will happen and cautiously optimistic that they would allow a...
  10. M2Abi

    For Parents Are your kids able to compete this season?

    Compulsory meets in the fall were allowing 1 spectator per gymnast. When cases rose, that changed to no spectators. Restrictions vary by county with the more populous counties (and the ones with gyms that can hold a meet) having more restrictions. If you're talking about Level 7 Regionals, I...
  11. M2Abi

    For Parents Texas Dreams vs Metroplex

    If my daughter wanted a scholarship, I would not have her at a gym where they did not have very experienced Level 10 coaches.
  12. M2Abi

    For Parents Stay or Go?!?!

    I would stay for now. It sounds like she is making good progress and if she doesn't make team there, she will likely be able to at another gym when the time comes.
  13. M2Abi

    For Parents Are your kids able to compete this season?

    We are competing. We have 3 local meets scheduled (no spectators) plus state and regionals.
  14. M2Abi

    For Parents So frustrated with gym and video capabilities

    We are still allowed to watch at any time, but it is discouraged because of COVID. I don't think parents should ever be barred from the gym.
  15. M2Abi

    For Parents Struggling Gymnast

    Agreeing with the others that she is very young. Don't judge her potential on what she is doing now. Encourage her to work hard and have fun.
  16. M2Abi

    Covid, large meets, and Arizona

    I would go. At this point we do not have any out of state meets scheduled but I would take my daughter if it was available.
  17. M2Abi

    WAG training level 9/10 concerns

    Having a coach that is excellent at spotting does not take the place of a foam pit in terms of soft landings and less impact on the body.
  18. M2Abi

    WAG training level 9/10 concerns

    Yes. You need foam pits and experienced coaches that can spot.
  19. M2Abi

    For Parents hours for optionals

    Currently at 13 hours/week. Last year was 17 hours/week.
  20. M2Abi

    WAG A general and hypothetical discussion of the industry's handling of abusive coaches

    Are there gyms that don't have extensive camera systems? All the gyms we've been to have had them. I can't say there were no blind spots, but definitely the vast majority of the gym was always on camera.