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  1. gymgirl1999

    My States this weekend!

    My state meet is this weekend and I am afraid if I dont score good, that I cant move to level 7.:( I have competed with all these girls in my age division before, but they are better than me most of the time. I am feeling pressure because of this. I need some positive good thoughts!
  2. gymgirl1999

    How are states going for everyone?

    What a crazy time for you! I am glad you werent hurt bad. Most people wouldnt even compete after something like that, but it just goes to show you how strong you are! :)
  3. gymgirl1999


    I am a level 6 too. Have you had your state meet yet? How did you do?:p
  4. gymgirl1999

    How are states going for everyone?

    How did your meet go?:)
  5. gymgirl1999

    How are states going for everyone?

    Thats such a bummer that you are injured for states, but great that your team mates did well.:o
  6. gymgirl1999

    How are states going for everyone?

    States are going on all over the contry. How is everyone doing? Good Luck to all who have them to do yet.:D My states are next weekend.:p
  7. gymgirl1999

    Wrist Injury

    How is your wrist feeling?
  8. gymgirl1999

    Funny Things People who don't do gym have said?

    I love these stories. Keep them coming.
  9. gymgirl1999

    ankle injurie

    Just be easy on yourself so you don't hurt it more. We had 3 level 9's miss a meet because they went back doing too much too quick and made it worse. I am recovering from ankle injury and ice it lots!
  10. gymgirl1999

    New member

    Welcome to the chalk bucket!
  11. gymgirl1999


    Jean, Welcome to the chalk bucket. I am a gymnast. I find lots of cool stuff on here for gymnast, and my mom does for parents.
  12. gymgirl1999


    Welcome to the chalk bucket. I can find new posts everytime I am on here. Enjoy yourself.
  13. gymgirl1999

    Just Joined!

    Welcome to the Chalk Bucket!
  14. gymgirl1999

    Does anyone have a meet this weekend?

    How did your meet go? Sorry it took so long, I have been really busy.
  15. gymgirl1999

    Does anyone have a meet this weekend?

  16. gymgirl1999

    Favorite Skill!

    I am only a level 6 probally going to 7 soon. I almost have my bhstepout on beam but not great yet, need more work. I cant wait until I can start working harder skills. Our gym teaches us higher level things if we are doing good on our level skills. I know it will be a while before I can...
  17. gymgirl1999

    Favorite Skill!

    My favorites are Bars-doublebacks, Beam-backtuck, Vault-full twist, Floor-front layout. I am not doing these skills yet, but hoping to start them this summer.
  18. gymgirl1999

    Meets/Season/Pump yourself up

    Good luck at your meet tomorrow.:D
  19. gymgirl1999

    Hola Kola!!!!!!

    I know that you will like it, cause I do. I like talking to others doing the same as me but from different parts of the country than me. I live in Michigan.
  20. gymgirl1999

    Meets/Season/Pump yourself up

    I have a meet this weekend, and 2 weeks later I have my state meet. I hope I do ok but I have a injured ankle rite now. I am trying to be positive.