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    Make It or Break It --- ABC Family --- June 22nd 9/8c

    Yes, my daughter will continue to follow the show, along with many others because it's trash teenage drama. And teenagers love that kind of thing whether it's gymnastics or regular old high school life like in American Teenager. Speaking of that show...I hate, hate hate it! Too much sex and...
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    Make it or Break it

    I feel like they could have done a better job casting. Sure, they can act, but the body types were not very accurate at all. Where were the gymnast muscles and 6-packs! A true gymnast can be spotted a mile away just on her physique, which makes up part of the beauty of the sport. This is...
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    Make It or Break It --- ABC Family --- June 22nd 9/8c

    I have to wonder...was that second vault just a tsuk tuck? Looked like it to me! And these girls are trying to get into Nationals and gain a spot in the Olympics? That is about as unrealistic as it gets. The only good thing is that it makes my daughter look really good because her tsuk blows...
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    OT why did you pick that name?

    That's easy! After living at the gym for over ten years, my dd quit gymnastics for good two years ago. When I joined this site, I was officially at the GYM NO MORE. Luckily, since then, she came out of retirement and I almost changed my name to momofachamp, but I didn't want to jinx it. But...
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    For Parents Just Curious, Who Chooses the Music?

    My dd has always picked her own music and luckily, I have liked whatever she picked. The last piece, I picked, but I played it and let her think that it was her choice. It turned out to be the best music that she has ever had and it fit her perfectly. Now, it's that time again to choose music...
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    knee pain

    Have it checked out. My dd had the same problem back in January/February and it went on for weeks on end. A doc looked at it and knew right away what was wrong. He gave her injection that took out the swelling and inflamation. Within 48 hours she felt no more pain and has not since. It...
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    For Parents wants to quit?!

    Yes, yes, yes, we are going through this NOW! After spending several thousand on doc bills and physical therapy (we have bad insurance) to pull her through an injury, she has decided that she likes lying on the couch eating and getting fat. I paid her gym tuition today since she has officially...
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    cheer and gymnastics-

    FYI- Based on previous posts, Blair Bob is very negative toward gymnasts doing cheerleading so I wouldn't put a whole lot of emphasis on what he is saying about coaches opinions on gymnasts that also want to cheer. Many coaches are fine with it and should know that kids at that age want to try...
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    cleaning the bars

    Here's why. Many years ago when I was coaching, I frequently witnessed this scenario: A little kid standing in line would wipe a long strand of yellow snot hanging from their nose and before I could stop him or her, would reach up and grab the bar.
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    For Parents Back pain- We have good news!

    According to MY dd, Zach and Cody look good any way you look at 'em! And oh my gosh, I did not even think about a new mattress!!! Shame on me! Dd has had that mattress almost her whole life. It was passed down from her sister who got it way back 16 years ago! Funny, we never think that the...
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    For Parents Back pain- We have good news!

    I'll have to try that one! Dd LOVES those teenage crap shows. In fact, that's all she has been doing - lying on the couch watching teenage crap shows - since she was told by the doc to "eliminate all physical activity". Maybe the ball thing will work....and help to ween her back into the real...
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    For Parents Back pain- We have good news!

    Bog- Thanks for the ball workouts. We have a ball at home so dd can do these in addition to her others. I think that every gymnast could benefit from strengthening back muscles whether they think so now or not. My theory is that there are two types of gymnasts: those that HAVE back pain, and...
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    For Parents Back pain- We have good news!

    I haven't been on for awhile because I truly thought dd was on her way out. Even though she has been thinking about selecting next year's floor music, I just had to shake my head and wonder how she could go on. She has had back problems for a couple of years now, and it got worse this year...
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    For Parents Optional Floor Music

    Thanks Bog I will do that! (As soon as I figure out how to PM) Did one of your little bogs use the music? How do it go over? It sounds to me like it would be a lot of fun. Again, thanks so much!
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    For Parents Optional Floor Music

    I love the Harry Potter music. One gal in our area uses that and I perk up everytime it starts! Great choice! Has anyone heard the music "Devel Went Down to Georgia" in competition? Of course that is Dominique's music from the '96 Olympics. Our kids are too young to remember but mine has seen...
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    For Parents tried a new gym today

    DD loved the sport but the new gym wasn't the same as the old one where she practically grew up and team-mates were like siblings. The conditioning and skill level at the new gym was much different and she felt like she was on the outside looking in. So she quit but is now involved in high...
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    Homework advice when training 25 hours a week?

    It is very hard, and some can't do it. My dd is ADD and 20 hours a week in the gym was too much for her. She couldn't possibly get her homework done and function properly the next day at school and practice. She was able to negotiate this with her coach and knock it down to 16 hrs, which was...
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    Controversy at the gym

    The parents should have been yelled at! YES, yelled at! Parents KNOW that kids do anything but sleep at a sleepover. They would have to be idiots to not realize that. Even if they don't think it's important to be at practice before a meet, they should know what the word COMMITMENT means...
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    For Parents tried a new gym today

    Just a little word of advice on switching gyms. I'm not sure of your background and why you are switching gyms but we have done it twice. The first time, it was the best move we could have possibly made. It made such an impact on our whole family and I have memories that I will cherish for a...