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  1. ahs

    WAG Nastia Liukin Comeback?!

    She has probably done more than you think. She never fully walked away from the sport and has stayed in shape so it will not be as hard for her to comeback as it was for some others. I'm excited to see what she can do!!!!
  2. ahs

    Managing the Membership of Sports Organization: The Legalities of Banning a Member

    Here is where I think Sports Organizations need to do a better job of.... if a Coach gets fired or resigns from a gym after allegations of abuse are made and no charges were ever filed for whatever reason they can easily go to another gym and get hired without a word about it. So if they...
  3. ahs

    back pullover

    Congratulations on finding something your daughter loves to do and wanting to spend time with her while she does it! As a coach we don't usually encourage coaching at home, but most gymnasts are going to do gymnastics at home no matter what the coach says and if you can help her and make sure...
  4. ahs

    Help!!! Floor Music Question!

    If a routine fits a gymnast it will be performed better and score better. I don't think it has as much to do with a judges preference but has more to do with how the routine will be perceived. An 11 year old doing a hip hop routine will be very hard unless they have been dancing for years...
  5. ahs

    Hal's Harley-Davidson Invite: Wisconsin

    I'm glad Beetle had fun, and did well. It was a great meet!! Their is still tear down going on tonight so they should be up by tomorrow, I'm sorry I'm not sure what time. Hopefully we'll see you guys next year!!
  6. ahs

    Drills needed to improve Scale

    Check her standing leg, her foot should be turned a little bit, if it is turned in she will roll onto the outside of her foot and wiggle around. The standing leg should be perfectly straight, you should be able to see the muscle in her thigh. Another thing to check is her arms and shoulders...
  7. ahs

    Do you ever wonder WHy they got THAT score?

    Kat- this is great I'm sure the parents are enjoying it. I am wondering if the parents are okay with it, if you can post the critique along with the video. As a coach I would love to see what specific deductions and how much you are taking for certain things.
  8. ahs

    For Coaches Another Beam Question

    There is no rule as to which one goes first, but it is easier to miss the connection going BHS first. Generally moving from the slow skill to the "flight" skill gives the gymnast more control and can stay on. I think they are a little more lenient with the connection for level 7, but the rule...
  9. ahs

    What can she do to score higher

    A 7.0 does seem low, and it is hard to see the little details on the video. Some things to keep in mind, any extra steps (for example after the leaps) are a .1 for each step, each kick is deducted separately, a lever needs to be shown going in and out of the handstands. Anytime a gymnast is...
  10. ahs

    Hi from Energym Music

    I'm choreographing a routine to All That Jazz for one of our gymnasts right now. We love this cut of the music great job, I can't wait to see the routine complete.
  11. ahs

    For Parents Watch this Kid!!

    Loved the Level 4 routines, I'm gonna have to go back to watch some of her other videos. She is a great little gymnast.
  12. ahs

    For Coaches Some unusual coaching concerns

    If you weren't worried about the girls getting comfortable at the top you wouldn't be a good coach. Depending on the age of the girls, I would sit them down and congratulate them on how well they are doing and then remind them that it is not always going to be this easy. Let them know they...
  13. ahs

    For Parents Jordan's Friends of Acheivers Results

    AWESOME!!! I love her form and she is so solid on beam. Good luck at the next one.
  14. ahs

    For Parents Big DD's Level 8 FX Video

    The new routine looks great!!
  15. ahs

    For Parents No respect I tell ya

    Thank you for the laugh tonight!!!
  16. ahs

    For Parents Advice on gyms in San Diego??

    There are some great gyms in San Diego, what area area of SD will you be living and are you looking for a competitive gym?
  17. ahs

    OT I found a new addiction...

    I'm addicted!! It has been so much fun connecting with friends from High School.
  18. ahs

    Calling all coaches, parents, gymnasts, etc...

    Are you covering your hands at night, the Prep H, Neosporin, or Vaseline on the rips at night and then cover your hands with some gloves or socks. Good Luck!
  19. ahs

    "ABC Family hopes to score a 'Perfect 10'"

    Chickie30- that must have been awesome!! Thanks for the update, I love that we get to hear both sides on this site. Getting gymnastics on TV is great exposure, I will be watching and hope it can stay on. Please keep us posted on air dates!
  20. ahs

    For Parents Starting Level 4

    Congrats to the new Level 4!! Can't wait to see how her first season goes.