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  1. Bug's mom

    Canadian Champiomships results (JO, Novice)

    Would anyone know where we can find Canadian Championships results for JO and Novice in near real-time? GCG's directive mentioned they would be available as judging happened (25th-27th) and I see the Sr/Jr results were generated by Livemeet but there is nothing in Livemeet for the June...
  2. Bug's mom

    Thoughts on a 2020-21 competitive season in Ontario

    I see GO's new OCP document eludes to a 2020-21 season (mid-January to mid-March). Interesting that if there are competitions there will be no award ceremonies allowed.
  3. Bug's mom

    Thoughts on a 2020-21 competitive season in Ontario

    Hope everyone is fairing well. Curious if anyone has heard what a 2020-21 competitive season in Ontario might look like? Or has thoughts on what's even possible? Will Gymnastics Canada host events this year?
  4. Bug's mom

    Anyone headed to gymnix

    Looks as though we will attend. DD is competing along with her team.
  5. Bug's mom

    Age category changes - Gymnastics Ontario and Gymnastics Canada

    It happened a few years ago in the WAG program when they changed to an 'as of December 31st' in the year in which Championships were held. For those already in the competitive stream it meant a jump in two age groups like you're describing (unless maybe where age groups spanned a few years)...
  6. Bug's mom

    2020 Tour for Ontario Gymnast

    You may have seen it already, but looks like California Grand Invitational.
  7. Bug's mom

    For Parents Best Recipes for Smoothies

    Not a smoothie recipe but very similar and a great post-workout snack; blend 1 frozen banana (chopped), 2 tablespoons natural peanut butter and 1/2-1 scoop chocolate protein powder (to taste or desired horsepower) until it reaches the consistency of hard ice cream. The protein within an hour of...
  8. Bug's mom

    For Parents 3 weeks out and no meet schedule

    We're attending the Biles meet too, and have to say now looking forward to watching Lily in person!
  9. Bug's mom

    For Parents What is OTIP

    OTIP is a series of training camps for the little ones, but not a replacement for ODP. DD has been to two of the training camps; one last season and the first one this season. There are 3 regular camps through the season, culminating in a 'select only' camp for invitees chosen from the regular...
  10. Bug's mom

    For Parents what is fast twitch anyway?

    Basically, you feed them their favorite energy source to both help them function, and to proliferate (combined, of course, with training under specific conditions). Fast twitch like carbs, slow twitch like (healthy) fats. Both tissues with use both energy sources depending on presence/shortage...
  11. Bug's mom

    For Parents what is fast twitch anyway?

    Fast twitch muscle tends to be bulkier, the fibers are shorter with more 'splayed' (sorry, can't think how to properly describe it) attachments one to the other. Slow twitch muscle fibers are longer and when attached together lie flatter and create less bulk.
  12. Bug's mom

    JO code

    This may be of some help for Levels 6-10: Gymnastics Ontario has a few, slight variations, although I haven't a clue if they'll apply to what Quebec is doing...
  13. Bug's mom

    For Parents What are the pitfalls of signing a model release for gym photos?

    Thank you for all the feedback, a lot to consider. I wasn't expecting monetary compensation, don't have any expectation of ever getting any money back from this sport ;) Really appreciate insight about using/releasing photo rights.
  14. Bug's mom

    For Parents What are the pitfalls of signing a model release for gym photos?

    Looking for advice please. Our gym had a photographer in for team photos in 2017 and I just received a request and model release form asking to use DD's photos for their promotional material. No offer of reimbursement, of course! I'm not always good at identifying unforeseen circumstances...
  15. Bug's mom

    For Parents Help understanding a skill

    I found a video of an Ezhova and she says that's the skill. In retrospect, she did mention a front giant when she was trying to describe it. Thanks for the help!!
  16. Bug's mom

    For Parents Help understanding a skill

    Looking for some help understanding a skill, so I know what DD is talking about...and Google didn't help! DD said she started working on a high to low bar transition that she called a 'Barani'. I can only find reference to it for floor and beam. Is there such a thing on bars? Or does it go...
  17. Bug's mom

    For Parents what is fast twitch anyway?

    Fast (Type II) and slow (Type I) twitch muscle fibers are built slightly differently, use energy sources a bit differently and work differently depending on training conditions. Fast twitch provide short bursts of explosive output, use glucose or glycogen preferentially and work well under...
  18. Bug's mom

    WAG Her season is finally over!!!

    Watched her performances, simply awesome!! Congratulations to her, and to you for being there for her!
  19. Bug's mom

    For Parents Skipping level 3... Thoughts?

    We do things a bit differently in Canada, there are no mandatory levels. DD competed her first season as a 9 year old Level 6, had a good year, moved up and just completed a decent year as 10 year old Level 7 (average AA score for the season above 37.000). Most importantly, has enjoyed (just...
  20. Bug's mom

    For Parents Parent Video Brag Thread.

    Awesome brags! Here's a video of dd's last Level 7 floor routine of the season, and last time with this music (used it in Level 6 as well). Scored 9.800.