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    For Parents Xcel to JO Too Late?

    My two cents: very, very few girls make it to the college level (even those that make it to L10 by high school). But I don't think it's "too late" if she has goals of going to optionals for her own enjoyment of the sport. Depending on how your gym does things, if she does well in Gold maybe she...
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    For Parents Xcel to JO Too Late?

    What level is she in Xcel?
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    Anon Gold to L6 OR Platinum to L7?

    Hi parents -- Looking for seasoned guidance on anyone who has moved from Gold to L6 or Platinum to L7. Our 9-year old Gold is being moved up when meet season concludes, and our coaches have been honest and told us that they are on the fence between Platinum and L6. While it's not up to us, I...
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    For Parents Tearing up during practice and favoritism

    Sorry your kiddo is going through this. Is she a sensitive kid outside of gymnastics? What is the coach to athlete ratio? Is it possible the other gymnasts are learning new skills that require more spotting/attention from the coach, so it feels like she's getting less attention? For reference, I...
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    For Parents Annoyed - flyaway meet where only competitors were teammates

    @ldw4mlo - I did a little sleuthing and apparently the HC of the gym (not our actual coach) is from the area. :( I'm sad to think this would be the reason for attending this crappy meet and will give them the benefit of the doubt, but will be voicing my concern about it when we have our annual...
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    For Parents Annoyed - flyaway meet where only competitors were teammates

    So curious - were you in New Orleans?
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    For Parents Annoyed - flyaway meet where only competitors were teammates

    @JBS - that's exactly the guidance was looking for. What do I do? Tell our coaches we shouldn't go back? I'm not sure how to handle since I'm just a parent. Our next meet is Metroplex and from what I understand, this will not be the case. At least I seriously hope not!
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    For Parents Annoyed - flyaway meet where only competitors were teammates

    To clarify - there were 3 other gymnasts in our level that also competed against themselves as they were much older. So yes, @gym_dad32608 it felt very much like an intersquad meet! Many parents were SUPER annoyed. I am mildly annoyed, but as I mentioned I made it a fun "girls trip" for my girl...
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    For Parents Annoyed - flyaway meet where only competitors were teammates

    Hi all - please give me a reality check on flyaway meets. We just returned from a weekend meet where we paid for flights, 2 nights hotel, and all the other stuff that goes along with travel to find that our only competitors were our teammates (in our age group). Is this normal? This is our 2nd...
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    For Parents Lacking Team Support

    I am sorry this happened to your daughter. In terms of the awards, they do tend to drag on forever so could it have been an oversight? The main issue to me is the clique you mentioned...while our team has groups of kids that are better friends than others, new girls are warmly welcomed. It's the...
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    NCAA NCAA Week 2!

    I am taking my kiddo to the Georgia meet on Monday, it's her first in-person college meet so she's pretty excited! Happy we could make it work with no school and no practice that day. :)
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    For Parents Brag Post

    Amazing for your daughter! In our experience, the biggest hurdle from Silver to Gold was bars - particularly learning to jump to the high bar. My kiddo is very small for her age, so it's a long distance for her. :) Our gym uses Gold as the "pool" for optionals, so our Golds are required to have...
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    For Parents Help

    Definitely not Platinum (that's like L5/L6 depending on gym) but maybe Diamond if she feels like relaxing a bit? Glad you have the meeting scheduled, keep us posted. :)
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    For Parents Flip Fest Camp in TN

    Our gym sends a group each year and has for a while. We didn't go last year as I didn't think my daughter was quite ready for a sleepaway camp, but many of her teammates went and had a blast. One in particular came back with a handful of brand new skills! We're planning on going this year. She's...
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    For Parents First meet in the season!

    First meet is Friday, and I'm hoping it goes daughter went from state champ on bars last year to struggling to get to a 10.0 SV this year and it's destroyed her confidence and love for the sport. :( She loves competing so I'm hoping all goes well tomorrow and she gets her groove back...
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    WAG Do you think I have the right skills to make it to gold next season

    Many gyms have different requirements for skills beyond what is outlined by USAG for Xcel Gold. Based on our gym requirements you'd be fine on floor. Beam: need cartwheel or BWO and full turn. Bars: need squat on to jump to high bar. Vault: need half-on or front handspring over the table.
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    WAG Cleaning up Floor Routine

    I think this is common for beginners, they will eventually learn how to tighten up. One small thing that helped my daughter was reminders for pointing toes - really pointing, not a little half point. It makes a huge difference in things looking more clean.
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    For Parents Featured Age/Level and Path they took to get there

    7 - preteam 8 - Xcel Silver 9 - Xcel Gold She's now working to score out of 4/5 and move to L6 in June assuming she gets her flyaway. This is not our request to "skip" levels. It's how our gym does it - Gold serves as a "pool" for optionals, some stay in Xcel, others move to L6.
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    For Parents level up or level down, why coach changed their mind?

    Hmmm. Agree that there seems to be attitude coming across in your post and your daughter's comments, and that could very well be the reason she isn't being moved up. At our gym, an "I'm better than everyone" posture is looked at very, very negatively (even if true) and girls are absolutely...