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  1. alsmom

    For Parents Nice catch!

    This coach was my dd’s Coach when she was little- amazing coach!
  2. alsmom

    WAG Little Boston meet

    I thought it was a good meet...just very expensive.
  3. alsmom

    For Parents Confession time....

    DD got the one she has been begging for. She is 'going to check at the gym to make sure it was made by the elves and not bought at the gym'. . She has so many, so while she asked for about 5 different ones even the 1 is not needed. Her doll got 2 as well!!
  4. alsmom

    For Parents Music

    She is actually a level 6...not sure why I didn't notice that I put 7!! The final decision will go to her coach, but she is listening to music. We were given guidelines. She is a tiny but powerful 8 year old, so we are looking for fast paced and probably a little bit cutesy. I am not sure...
  5. alsmom

    For Parents Music

    I know there have been similar posts, but is there any music that just makes you cringe? Any that you just hear way too often? Trying to pick a some for my new level 7. TIA!!
  6. alsmom

    WAG Little Boston meet

    I found the schedule on Facebook the other day!!
  7. alsmom

    WAG Little Boston meet

    We will be there!!
  8. alsmom

    WAG 2016 American Cup

    I have taken my daughter to the American Cup. I think that no matter who is competing it is super fun. We also went to the Nastia Liukin Cup, which I believe was included. There were tons of kid friendly gymnastics activities throughout.
  9. alsmom

    For Parents How much sleep does your gymnast get in a weeknight?

    10 hours minimum. Or else watch out!!!
  10. alsmom

    For Parents Elites

    Is there a list somewhere of current elite gymnasts? Just looking to see where these girls are training.
  11. alsmom

    For Parents How often does your DS or DD watch gymnastics online (Youtube, Gymnastics website, etc.)?

    Mine watches a lot of gymnastics. It is basically the only thing she does online besides her school work. That being said, she does not spend too much time online.
  12. alsmom

    WAG Secret Classic tix?

    When is it? Summer, right? I can't find the dates anywhere!!
  13. alsmom

    WAG Deduction for missing element - compulsory

    I am pretty sure the answer to this is no, but is there a substitution for the flyaway in level 5? How are girls who are scoring well doing in its place?
  14. alsmom

    For Parents Traveling questions .....

    We are going to Tampa!
  15. alsmom

    For Parents DD Not on Team

    Have you tried to ask them what your dd should work in improving in order to make team? I would ask for that and then ask them to meet with you every three months or so to evaluate her progress. If they say no to that then you know it is not going to happen at this gym. I would also go for...
  16. alsmom

    For Parents Traveling to Boston Area

    I don't know how to delete them!! I am sorry!! If you went from Worcester you would take the mass pike the whole way. It SHOULDN'T be too bad going into Boston at that time, but you never know. I would give myself at least two hours, but in the best conditions it should really only take an...
  17. alsmom

    For Parents Traveling to Boston Area

    Hmmm...I guess it depends on where you are going. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to post that here!!
  18. alsmom

    For Parents Traveling to Boston Area

    Worcester Airport is great- very easy compared to Logan!! What will you be doing? I would just be careful of weather!!
  19. alsmom

    For Parents leotard organization

    DD has a large medal rack, which has 6 hooks on it. She hangs her leos on it.
  20. alsmom

    WAG A GoFundMe for gymnastics

    I know this has been talked about time and time again, but I am so creeped out by those Instagram pages of these babies trying to throw skills in their home gyms. I hope it is not the case, but it seems that this little one may have passed up a chance of eligibility...her mother is very clear...