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  1. kristilyn73

    For Parents Just wanted to say hi!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying "Hi" Netty! It sounds like Olivia is doing splendidly. I know if Beetle ever decided to stop gymnastics I think it would be hard on me too! Check in once and a while!
  2. kristilyn73

    Visa Championships Anyone going?

    Beetle and I will be going. I may just get tickets off of Stub Hub or something similar. I am not sure what days we can attend yet.
  3. kristilyn73

    Help with understanding scoring...

    Her growth spurt really affected the Endurance in her routines, I agree this will improve greatly by next year. Endurance is also part of the problem with her Double back dismount. She was running out of energy and peeling off the bars.
  4. kristilyn73

    Help with understanding scoring...

    Thank you GymPanda. Just understanding why HC wouldn't have asked makes things a easier to understand. There have been several times during the year that Beetle had various beam start value issues and HC never inquired about it. My DD just wants to know what was missing, and like Bog said, at...
  5. kristilyn73

    Flipper injured AGAIN!

    Poor Flipper. I will send her healing fairies!
  6. kristilyn73

    For Parents Skipping levels question

    My DD never competed L4 either, Competitive L4 was not an option at her gym. USAG doesn't require it. She can compete L5 without ever competing L4.
  7. kristilyn73

    Help with understanding scoring...

    She competed FHS BHS in 2 meets this year. After training it for about a month, it was inconsistently connected. Fell on it in the 2nd meet of the year and the her coach said enough of that. He, unfortunately, is not that open to other skills. It is something I wish would change. Thank you...
  8. kristilyn73

    Help with understanding scoring...

    Thank you Dunno! I do not take anything you say offensively at all. Yes, she has gone through quite the growth spurt during the past year. (around 6 inches). I agree she needs some time to grow into her body. She was just hoping for a little understanding, so she knows what to fix. And I...
  9. kristilyn73

    Help with understanding scoring...

    Beetle had her level 9 state meet this past weekend. She would like help understanding the scoring on her beam and bar routine. (She asked me to post her video) 1st Bars - I can see the obvious deductions, not quite Handstand, Step on dismount, turing the pirouette a little late, Tapping...
  10. kristilyn73

    For Parents Introducing our new parent forum mod - Mariposa

    Congrats Mariposa! I have found your posts to be insightful, honest and heartfelt over the years, Even though I have not posted much recently I still check in frequently. I think you are going to do a fantastic job!
  11. kristilyn73

    How many meets per year?

    TOO MANY this year.. Beetle's team ended up with 2 more meets than were planned. Counting the Judges Mock Meet 10. Then State and possibly Regions
  12. kristilyn73

    Growth Spurts in gymnasts

    Hi All, My DD, 15 years old competing L9, went through a massive growth spurt over the past year. Our guess is approx 4 inches in 1 year. She is now about 5' 5". She is still able to do most of her skills but they are just not as clean/high/powerful as they used to be. How much do you think...
  13. kristilyn73

    For Parents Kinda roll call

    DD Age 15 Competing USAG Level 9 this year DD Age 13 Competitive Dancer DS Age 6 - enjoys Baseball, Soccer and tormenting his older sisters.
  14. kristilyn73

    Lake Owen camp?

    My DD (15 years old, L9) Has been going to Lake Owen for years. She LOVES it. You will fit in just fine, they assess your skills and put you in groups based on skills preformed. You will be with girls with your similar skills. From what I have seen the past few years you will be with girls...
  15. kristilyn73

    Height in gymnastics

    My DD is 15 and a L9 as well.. She just went through a massive growth spurt (We figure approx 3-4 inches in 1 year) She is 5'5" pushing 5'6". The major difference I have noticed with her, is just learning to adjust to the height. She is probably the tallest in the gym now (by about 1/4 of an...
  16. kristilyn73

    For Parents First L9 Meet -

    Congrats to your DD! Some of those releases on bars are downright scary! a 35+ in her first L9 Meet is Amazing!
  17. kristilyn73

    Brag and please help...

    I voted! amazing cause - kudos to you and your family for putting it together.
  18. kristilyn73

    For Parents JBS in Parent Land

    she is just adorable! Her excitement really shines though! Congrats on the Big 9.0 star!
  19. kristilyn73

    Major Setback number 2 :(

    I am sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you have a quick recovery. It sounds like you had a nice attitude and a great support system to help you through this rough time.
  20. kristilyn73

    gym hopping discussion

    Really good question/thread Bog, here are my thoughts Parents. Have you gym hopped? No. But have we thought about moving our Daughter to a different gym? Yes. Two things have stopped us 1, the lack of options in our area and 2. Our Daughter didnt want to move and her mental and physical...