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  1. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Bun

    Thank you I do like the idea of split in half and braided will definitely give this a try.
  2. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Bun

    Thank you will check those out
  3. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Bun

    Definitely looking forward to that day
  4. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Bun

    My dd has thick very healthy hair we have a thing to help make a bun on here head but with her hair the way it is it doesn't want to stay any tips or tricks?
  5. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Rips

    My dd uses prep h and tea bags seems to work very well on healing at her old gym they would celebrate your first rip.
  6. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Featured How Far are Your Average Meets?

    Most with in an hour some 3 to 6 hrs travel
  7. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Open Gym

    Dd gym has open gym around 4 times a month with moms day out or parents night out thrown in.
  8. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents BRAG ALERT

  9. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Rec gymnast summer camp

    Any camp we have done pairs kids with around the same skill set
  10. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Healthy snack ideas for practice

    We always try and have high carbs at practice other snacks she takes are protein bar carrots or peppers to change it up.
  11. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents What is Your Child's Favorite Event?

    My dd loves bars and beam as long as he doesn't start on beam she says it through her off.
  12. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Featured Do you record meets?

    We record every event dd likes to watch to see what she needs to work on and her progress from start to finish.
  13. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Featured Gymnastics Summer Camps... Which One?

    My dd will be attending lindenwood University camp for the 2nd year she really enjoys this camp.
  14. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Private lessons

    Our gym doesn't offer them. DD coach said the girls have enough hours and if they have trouble with a skill they focus on it during practice.
  15. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents FLOM Indiana

    Anyone going to FLOM next weekend in Indiana we have never been just wondering what to expect.
  16. Tinygymnastdad

    For Parents Back Handspring

    My daughter is 7 as well she has been working on her back handspring we just keep telling her when her mind and body are ready she will get it. It seemed to help her alot half the time she jumps over her spot and doesn't realize she did it by herself. Good luck on getting her new skill it's...