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  1. SuperGirlmlm

    Front Handspring Vault Help???

    Depending on your setting, put the vault hand mat (this was when I was younger so you might need to use something different) and you put it vertical between the board and the vault to you have to get to the handstand.
  2. SuperGirlmlm

    Practice Hairstyles and Headbands

    Bobby pins
  3. SuperGirlmlm

    WAG Conditioning games

    Sit in a circle, and everyone is in a hollow hold. You go around and everyone does 1 v up (when it's not your turn you just hold the hollow) and then you do the same thing with 2, then 3, and depending on how strong you guys are like 10, then work your way back down.
  4. SuperGirlmlm

    WAG Rocky Season so far

    We just got back from our first meet not last weekend, but the one before. I was battling a pesky foot injury, and it was starting to get better. Also, I had a big mental block, that I overcame. Fast forward until last Tuesday, I got really sick and I've been to the doctor 3 times and had a...
  5. SuperGirlmlm

    Best and Worst Events? events (in order) go floor, beam, vault, bars. Favorite events to train floor, bars, beam, vault Favorite events to compete floor, vault, beam, bars
  6. SuperGirlmlm

    WAG Summer College Camps

    Is the U of M camp just boys, or is it girls, too?
  7. SuperGirlmlm

    WAG 1 month out from BIG meet? Practice Structure?

    You could make up training the reward for finishing the current level routines.
  8. SuperGirlmlm

    How Do You Make Time For Homework?

    I have a study wall as one of my electives. I get home at 8 and usually finish around 11
  9. SuperGirlmlm

    WAG Diving and Gymnastics?

    I was a diver (I recently had to quit), but I never had any problems. If anything my diving was polluted with gymnast habits.
  10. SuperGirlmlm

    WAG Sports Bras for Competition... sorry males

    Target has UA ones, they work really good for me.
  11. SuperGirlmlm

    WAG FHS issue

    I used to have this problem too. My coach put the little hand pad you use for yurechenkos and put it vertical between the board and the vault and it fixes the problem right away. Hope this helps!
  12. SuperGirlmlm

    WAG What skills are next?

    You could just ask her coaches. I'm sure they'd fill you in on the skills to come;) But if I had to say, for bars probably front and back hip circles, a mill circle, long hang kips, squat ons, tap swings, maybe some fly away drills with a coach. For beam, definitely jumps, front walkover...
  13. SuperGirlmlm

    WAG Lexy Ramler gym burns down

    Sadly, yesterday Lexy Ramlers gym caught fire. I don't train there, but I know some of the coaches/gymnasts personally. Any gymnast that loses their second home would be devastated. 1 of their 3 parts of their gym (the main gym) was saved with severe smoke damage on all of the equipment. The...
  14. SuperGirlmlm

    WAG Double back dismounts off beam

    Double back in tuck is a D in the elite COP, in pike it's an E.
  15. SuperGirlmlm

    WAG Warm Ups for keeping warm?

    Most girls on my time usually don't, but I throw on my pants if I have some time.
  16. SuperGirlmlm

    How to keep calm at a meet?

    No matter how perfectly a Leo fits, they all ride up at some point, lol! Double stick tape helps with the wedgies, I've never used it though, I just spray it with hairspray. As for the nerves, it's different for everyone. Some stay in their own bubble until they salute, others get pep talks...
  17. SuperGirlmlm

    JO or Xcel?

    Xcel is what you might want to look into for more personalized routines. Xcel also has meets similar to JO (I'm not in Xcel, so I'm not sure what the meets are like).
  18. SuperGirlmlm

    Help! Should I quit or stay

    If its time to let go, you'll know. With that said, rest. Let it heal as much as it will go. Of course at this point it will never be perfect, but it's okay. Rest, heal, take a break, take your time to think things over. Don't rush yourself to make a decision, these things take time. You can...
  19. SuperGirlmlm

    My gym has no pit and I don't know what to do

    Is there a near by gym with a pit? A high school team comes to our open gyms to use our pits.