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  1. gymjunkie

    WAG Fun Camp Suggestions (for coaching)

    My daughter and her teammate are graduating seniors. They were just hired as coaches at a 1-week gymnastics sleepover summer camp the very first week of summer. They are looking to coach at others this summer & will travel. They want to work at a fun kind of gymnastics camp (you know canoes and...
  2. gymjunkie

    For Coaches Bar Dismount help

    I agree. I think she'll have to scratch in January, but could be good to go again in February.
  3. gymjunkie

    For Coaches Bar Dismount help

    What arm position do you use for the layout to the back? Do you keep their arms to their ears or do they close their shoulders midway?
  4. gymjunkie

    WAG Tips to not throw back head in back tuck

    An additional drill that I find helpful is to have the gymnast do standing tucks on a trampoline (with no bounce). You can combine this with visually spotting something. I've had a lot of kids "get it" on the tramp because it has a slower feeling.
  5. gymjunkie

    For Coaches Bar Dismount help

    Thanks, makes sense!
  6. gymjunkie

    For Coaches Bar Dismount help

    I'm not sure the back slap would help when she knows she's releasing early, but is afraid not to! Would you recommend tap swings to a double to a mat over the pit for a tuck double? Or just a tuck-open to her back?
  7. gymjunkie

    For Parents Featured Fast tracking gymnasts

    I'm not sure what you mean by your last sentence, but I will say that the child's ability determines what track they are on. Sometimes a child appears to be on the "fast track," but they end up not moving along as quickly as expected so they need to be reassigned to a more appropriate group...
  8. gymjunkie

    For Coaches Bar Dismount help

    Please share positive experiences of helping a gymnast get over the fear of pulling in on a tuck double back. She had a nice one, but got injured after "pulling in." I did not see the funky dismount to know what went wrong, but it was an isolated bad one. She had no history of doing this in the...
  9. gymjunkie

    For Parents It's over :(

    Coaching can be very healing and help in the process -- but probably not at the gym she competed for, where her own team trains. She needs to go somewhere else and be assigned a fresh group of L2s to pour her passion into.
  10. gymjunkie

    For Coaches Injuries to Coaches from your gymnasts.

    Torn labrum & a jaw injury. The rest of the injuries are overuse.
  11. gymjunkie

    For Parents Level 9/level10

    Check NCAA eligibility rules. The clock starts ticking 9th grade, but Covid has caused them to change a few rules (probably not that one though).
  12. gymjunkie

    For Coaches Featured Do we need pit for level 9 and level 10

    I have coached at 2 gyms w/o a pit and we had injuries that would not have occurred had there been a pit.
  13. gymjunkie

    For Parents Advice Please

    Not sure why the previous post did not include my reply! I started coaching again when my daughter was in a similar situation. She took her first gymnastics class at age 7 at a very good gym. They would not consider her for a team slot because of her age. They had a rec plan for her that might...
  14. gymjunkie

    For Coaches Another coach coaching your child

    Sort of. When my youngest first started and was on the preteam, she had some pretty unknowledgeable coaches. I didn't really intervene because as soon as she got to team I would be coaching her. I then coached her on all 4 events through L7 but only coached her on 2 events after that. I...
  15. gymjunkie

    WAG Featured Coaches, what do you think of parents that watch the entire practice?

    If the parent is a problem parent, I think it's a problem. If they are an awesome parent, I think it's fine, lol. I have had both kinds, so it's not always negative like some make it out to be. Since I too am a parent, I used to join my favorite moms up in the balcony at our last gym when I...
  16. gymjunkie

    For Parents Always hurting?

    In L 8/9 constant pain (addressed with many approaches), by L10 no pain.
  17. gymjunkie

    WAG Not the popular kid/bullying

    I'm not sure I have great advice because every situation is a dynamic one and it's impossible to understand all of the dynamics at play. That being said, I will share my daughter's past situation in case it helps. My daughter had always had gym friends as her only friends. That worked great for...
  18. gymjunkie

    For Parents Featured Young Gymnast - TOPS Elite track

    My thoughts on this subject... I have honestly never seen TOPS benefit a kid any more than good coaching at their own gym does. I've seen many affected negatively and coached 4 TOPS team members over the years who agreed to stay in gymnastics only if they did not have to continue with TOPS. If...
  19. gymjunkie

    For Parents Advice for gifted toddler?

    What is the next age group at this gym? For home equipment, I would just encourage good coordination skills with the equipment (especially since I don't know what equipment you bought).