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    Anon Gold to L6 OR Platinum to L7?

    the switch between the programs should be up to you but her level should be up to the coaches, you and daughter. it depends what your gym requires for xcel levels and what skills she has
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    For Parents flip fest and IGC camps

    My daughter wants to go to Flip Fest summer camp so bad but we are a good 9 hour drive away, which I honestly don't mind. I have paid the same price for non sleepaway camps before so the price doesn't bother me. I am not a clingy parent but I do need to make sure my daughter is safe. I would...
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    For Parents Gold requirement questions

    Yes I meant that like flutter jump thing
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    For Parents Gold requirement questions

    Okay im going to map out the skills I want for each event and i would like to know if these will work for gold floor. Front hand step out front hand, round off back handspring ( 2 if needed but preferably 1), full turn, leap stag jump,cartwheel, backwalkover, handstand beam. Cartwheel...
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    For Parents gymnastics

    My mom and I are on the same page I just need my dad to say yes
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    For Parents Gold requirement questions

    Will a backward roll work as an acro
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    For Parents Poll: booking flights - airline panic

    This is off topic sort of but my mom ALWAYS used to keep my comp stuff like the team backpack comp Leo and warmups, grips, spare Leo just in case etc in her carryon in case baggage got lost
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    For Parents gymnastics

    Ok update: my dad works over seas in Iraq (not military) and I talked to him And my mom about it. He has been on and off, there and home but he is retiring in April. He said I can start again in April So that my mom isn’t doing Work, droping and picking me up from school, dropping and picking...
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    For Parents Gold requirement questions

    And for floor can I do punch front or front step out front hand
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    For Parents Gold requirement questions

    Thank you so much but can I also have 2-3 tap swings before the fly away or does it need to be out of a cast
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    For Parents Gold requirement questions

    Can I do a front handspring on floor? can I do a round off back handspring or round off double back handspring? do I have to do a switch leap? do I have to do a kip on bars? do I have to do a fly away dismount or can I do a half turn thing? do I have to do something over the vault table? can I...
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    For Parents gymnastics

    so i am 13 and havent done gymnastics since covid. i did USAIGC copper 2 about to be bronze but now theres a gym near me that does excel . in igc i was training 4 hours a week. i would want to do excel gold. the gym i want to go to is called brag. i went for a trial class about a year ago and...
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    For Coaches Trainer

    Alright so I posted another post in the parents about me being unsure of this but i have decided that since my daughter told me she is willing to go through the pain and challenges of the sport and the stretching methods as well as conditioning methods do not injure her i am fine with it...
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    For Parents Stretching

    I have seen a lot of posts about tough coaches so i just want to share my daughter's experience, they don't allow parents in the gym to watch practice soo I just go off of what my daughter says. she is 12 and in level 5 and very tough and does not cry easily but she seems to be crying at the...