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  1. GymDadWA

    For Parents The average gymnast debate

    Does your gym do an end of the year parental meeting, sometimes progress comes in a form not necessarily score related and hearing about the progress from a coach can be helpful before deciding to quit the activity altogether. Also as has been said many times scores in compulsories do not...
  2. GymDadWA

    OT The Last Of Us (the game, the show, whatever)

    I won't be able to eat Venison for a bit
  3. GymDadWA

    WAG Giant Swing Timing

    Thanks for that drill and the Ball kick drill, she has always had a tendency to muscle her bars instead of using momentum making consistency on bars a challenge.
  4. GymDadWA

    WAG Giant Swing Timing

    She is starts going from a hollow to an arch when her body is at 4'oclock just at or slightly above the low bar. Short enough that she could tap whenever she wants. At 6:30 she is going back into a hollow so tapping with her body below the low bar Head is pretty neutral, isn't throwing it way...
  5. GymDadWA

    WAG Giant Swing Timing

    Anyone have any updated tips on delaying the arch phase of the giant, DD like many gymnasts just goes into the arch and whip stage before she is at the very bottom of the swing so runs out of steam before she is at the top. Read through old threads and watched all the youtube videos we could...
  6. GymDadWA

    For Coaches Lets be honest

    When we were parents of a very low level gymnast I would have welcomed honesty from the coaches even if it meant telling us our gymnasts projection was lower than our expectations. We would have kept her in gymnastics but also kept an equal focus on other activities.
  7. GymDadWA

    OT What do competitive gymnasts eat in a day?

    On an average day DD eats about 2500 calories, 100g Protein, 300g Carbs, 75g fats. She is a teenager that weighs about 110lbs.
  8. GymDadWA

    For Coaches level 4 7 year old

    It all depends on what your gym values. At DD's gym winning in compulsories isn't a big deal to them, they are much more worried about skill execution then technical points. They uptrain throughout the year rather than worry about perfecting compulsory routines. On the flip side my DD's coach...
  9. GymDadWA

    MAG [POTENTIALLY DUMB QUESTION] Why is women's gymnastics more popular than men's gymnastics?

    Gymnastics is associated as a female sport even by AI. Image search on google or ask an AI to show you "gymnastics" and the first 20 images are women with 95% the images total are women. Similar to how basketball shows primarily male athletes when you do an image search. Because of the...
  10. GymDadWA

    OT Money

    Did you ask the gym you train at if they have any work you could do in exchange for some additional training? Front desk attendant, clean up, help with a day care program, etc. For at home training I wouldn't recommend doing skill work, just strength and flexibility.
  11. GymDadWA

    Anon Puberty Growth Spurt

    Not alone, seemed like she grew half an inch between practice and her last meet and all of a sudden the vault table was too close. Had to switch to a Tsuk just to not scratch on vault.
  12. GymDadWA

    ChalkBucket Site Upgraded: Please Watch For Errors

    Still seeing the bottom half of the p in "posts" cut off, but that's such a minor thing. One other thing that is happening is that the ads appear over the alert menu making the menu unusable.
  13. GymDadWA

    OT The Last Of Us (the game, the show, whatever)

    Loving it, I did not play the games but am familiar with the story and why you might not like the second one as much. The imagery of the cities in the show is more awe inspiring than walking dead or cinematic zombie movies, enjoying the slow burn.
  14. GymDadWA

    ChalkBucket Site Upgraded: Please Watch For Errors

    Top menu partially cuts off the bottom of the words.
  15. GymDadWA

    For Parents Lacking Team Support

    I've never seen a full team leave mid awards unless their was two different levels competing at the same time and they are now starting over again with another level, even then other teams often are polite and stay. The fact that it happened to your own team, that's ridiculous.
  16. GymDadWA

    For Parents Lack of Flexibility for Competing w Higher Age Group due to Conflict?

    Does your team normally compete the same level but at multiple sessions? If so and the days are split, the gym can ask the meet coordinator to fit someone in. If your entire team competes at a single session than it might not be the meet that is being inflexible it could be your coaching staff...
  17. GymDadWA

    For Parents Travel meet advice

    What is weather like in your area. If it is predictable I'd probably travel the day of and stay the night after. Driving until midnight and then trying to sleep at a hotel normally doesn't work well for little ones. If that 4 hours might turn into 8 hours due to weather then I'd probably go...
  18. GymDadWA

    OT Setting a good example/responsibilities off the clock

    I don't know if it is double standards for different sports but often for my end of season gifts from the team I get gift certificates to a brewery/distillery. So at least my athletes/parents think consuming alcohol is something that coaches like to do and don't have a problem with...
  19. GymDadWA

    OT My bf is disrespectfull about my gymnastic passion

    Are we on reddit? NTA - You gave him a taste of his own medicine and he didn't like it. Additionally if your Taekwondo gym is letting relative newbies hard spar that is a terrible gym as their is no way you would be able to measure your punches and kicks nor be able to properly protect...