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  1. sppd

    For Parents Uggh....

    He planned to stay through State, but when he put in his notice they told him not to return. The HC currently has 3 girls. After last night there are only 5 optional girls left including my daughter. I was told that they do not plan to hire another coach. Since there will only be 5 optional...
  2. sppd

    For Parents Uggh....

    Our Daughter is a Level 7 (11 years old), who has been scoring in the high 35s and low-mid 36's AA. She has been up-training and is on-track to compete Level 8 next year. Her goals are to chase her gymnastics dream as far as it will take her. When the time comes that the sport is done with her...
  3. sppd

    For Parents Uggh....

    Good Morning Chalk Bucketeers, Our Daughter changed gyms about 10 months ago, and has been developing well under a great coach. She has become extremely close with her teammates and all was going well. Suddenly without any real notice we learn that her coach will be moving to a new gym...
  4. sppd

    For Parents Leo question

    We buy most practice leotards from Wal-Mart also. We love that they usually have matching sets of leotards and shorts both for under $15. Never had any issues with them wearing out any faster than the 30-50 dollar ones that are usually Christmas or birthday gifts.
  5. sppd

    For Parents Rant Social Group

    Please Add Me.....Thanks!
  6. sppd

    For Parents Child changed gym, now former coaching trashing him to his former teammates.

    Not Men's, but my daughter recently changed gyms and her former coach has done a lot of trash talking and even tried to sabotage my daughters transition to her new gym. Her best friend still trains at the former gym and has told us that our daughter has been trash talked to the girls. We love...
  7. sppd

    WAG Gymnastics Hours for Team during the school year

    M-W-F 4-830 S 9-1230 Some girls also do Thursday 4-830. So it is 17 hours or 21.5 hours for levels 6-9.
  8. sppd

    For Parents No more CGMs

    At our old gym when my daughter was pretty new to gymnastics, we were at our in house meet. This was my daughters first time ever "competing" and we had the family of another girl sitting right behind us. This girl had been with the gym for several years and was on the same level as my...
  9. sppd

    WAG Levels and ages...

    11yo and Level 7. Started gymnastics at 8yo.
  10. sppd

    For Parents Should I let this bother me?

    I don't know what is right or wrong in this case, as I can see both sides of it. I can only add that my daughter just switched gyms last month, and was invited to the team celebration pool party/awards ceremony for last season, even though she was not on the team at this gym last season...
  11. sppd

    For Parents Grips

    I can't say for sure that they have gone up that much across the board, as we have only bought grips twice. The first time where we spent about $100 was online after a couple days researching. Second time was 4 days later when her gym made us buy hers from them lol. We could not return the...
  12. sppd

    For Parents Grips

    Our DDs old gym required the girls to buy the grips that he sold exclusively. When it was time for grips we did a bunch of research online and bought a pair that were very highly rated only to be told that she could not use them in the gym. I am not sure what brand they are, as they have no...
  13. sppd

    OT Non gymnastic sibling

    Clearly my Gymnast daughters athletic choice takes much of our time, however all three of my other children are involved in sports of some kind. However it wasn't always this way. My oldest Son was not interested in sports at all up until his sisters were both successful in their chosen sports...
  14. sppd

    WAG rip that is healing like a burn? pic enclosed

    The picture posted looks pretty much like every rip my DD has had. Although my DD was insisting that she wanted to be a no grip gymnast (those that are, wear it as a badge of honor in our gym) she eventually had to go with grips because healing time would delay her progress.
  15. sppd

    For Parents Getting Evaluated at another Gym

    From one Dad to another, your story is similar to ours, as it was pretty clear that our gym was done with our daughter after we complained about not being notified about an injury that occured in the gym. In our case our daughter was no longer allowed to try new skills and we were told that she...
  16. sppd

    WAG The Kip Fairy

    Great to hear!
  17. sppd

    OT Search Bar

    Not working for me either. Also clicking on certain posts brings me to another topic or gym job posting.
  18. sppd

    For Parents How early can you drop off at your gym?

    Our old gym allowed team girls to come as early as they wanted so long as the gym was open. All others could not be in the building any earlier than 5 minutes before their scheduled class. The new gym it has never come up, but we are usually about 10-15 minutes early and some of the other girls...
  19. sppd

    For Parents What would you do?

    Our experience is a little different, but at our daughters previous gym the coaches were certain that our daughter was on track for Elite. So much so that they had her stop competing for an entire season to focus on training with a target of level 9 after a year off from competition. The first...
  20. sppd

    WAG Great week in the gym!

    A very exciting week indeed! Congratulations!!!!