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    Your kid is a Rock Star!... (Really?) Help!

    i definately think you should do it! i am 16 and a level 7/8. as i look back on my gymnastics career, i really wish my parents wouldve pushed me! so i think you should definately go for it! if she doesnt like it, alls you have to do is go back to rec classes...
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    Reverse planche??

    Okay, so does anyone know if the reverse planche is still considered as a B on beam? Thanks!!
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    Michael Jackson

    hello all! i am very interested in doing a floor routine to a michael jackson song. and i was wondering if anyone knew of a site where i could download it for free. thanks!
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    OT Miley Cyrus

    Nightflare514, as you get older your opinion will change about the shorts.;)
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    Don't like the CB

    i dont dislike it. but i must say i agree and i do like the other one more. although these colors are better i like the set up of the old one.
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    Is it worth it?!?! (close to tears)

    i am also in high school. i got to gym 3 days a week for 3 hours each day. i do school sports too.. im a cheerleader, i did track. so i definately think you could do both. maybe you should talk to the coaches of the school sports and explain to the whats going on. give it a try and see what happens.
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    How to do a russian hold

    whats a russian hold?
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    Maybe Last Level 7 Meet Report

    hey was the meet at raleigh school of gymnastics? jw
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    what to do??

    okay. so lately me and my coach have not been getting along. she is frustrated with me and another gymnast. and we are frustrated with her. and it honestly seems like she thinks she is the only one frustrated. anyways, so the other day,, i was told that i suck for my age(not by my coach). :/ i...
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    What is your favorite animal?

    my favorite animal is a whale!
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    Summer Camp...1st time??

    i went to that camp a couple years ago! it was really fun. i got to meet new people, and your coach is right, it was a GREAT experience!
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    hey!! im level 7 too!! what state?
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    Losing the easier skills???

    yea that happened to me too!! haha. so i started doing roundoff tucks.
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    falling apart...

    ok.. so i do gymnastics at the Ymca. and my coach is leaving!!! she is pregnant and idk the whole story about why she is leaving, i just know she is! :( anyways the director person at the Y comes up to me and tells me that my old coach is gonna be the new coach! aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! ok.... dont...
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    haha.. i fell on my head and broke my toe doing a roundoff strattle jump. it was funny! my strattle jumps are really high, and so when i put the roundoff with it, i went backwards and my toe broke. haha
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    well we usually do tick tocks (front walkover and backwalkover except only one foot hits at a time and then you kick back over.. kinda hard to explain.. sorry.) but yea, you can always try that. or you could do the seal stretch.
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    hi! ok so this is kinda embarrassing but, last night i rolled my ankle doing a roundoff!! (im level 7) so i got to thinking about it,, has anyone ever gotten hurt doing something youve been doing for like ever?! haha..
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    Teabags for rips?

    we use them at our gym and they seem to be working for us. the only thing i dont like about them is that they turn your hands brown...
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    floor music??

    thanks so much!! im using wanderer on the offensive! i LOVE it!
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    floor music??

    well ive done bad to the bone, some song called river down below, and then last year, i did this classical stuff and it was horrible.. see i dont really like to dance that much. so i was thinking blow-your-brains- out metal would be kinda cool..