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    WAG Took DD out of JO preteam

    I happened to see on a gyms website training hours. 30 hrs per week for TOPs kids. These are 8,9, 10 year old kids. Blows my mind.
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    For Parents It's happening

    Those drinks look yummy!
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    WAG Difference between 5/6/7

    I will say, my DD skipped old Level 6 and new Level 6. Did Level 7 2 years ago as a 9 year old turning 10 with giants that she had gotten just before states and placed in only 1 meet. Super tough on a 9 year old who was used to winning/placing/ being a super star. For various reasons, I...
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    WAG Question about level 4 bar routine

    Sandbagging is a relative term. Let's say your gym does not compete L5. So your L4s are going to compete L4 one season and L6 the next season. Say your Compulsory and Optional seasons runs Nov - April. Strategy 1: Compete and train L4 skills Nov - April. After States in April, begin...
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    WAG Under Armour competition leos

    I would say the competition Leo's don't run small, but maybe large. DD wears an AXS in GK or Alpha factor and her UA competition Leo is a child large. It looks ridiculously small on the hanger! But she says it is really comfortable. I think it flatters a variety of body types, our gym has UA...
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    For Parents Sharp's home raided last night

    Unfortunately, this. Also, consider ... Women's Gymnastics forces these things at younger ages than other sports, perhaps. I have a 15 year old in team sports and a 10 year old gymnast. I am much less concerned about sending my 15 year old off on her own with her teammates and her coach...
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    WAG DC area gyms

    Oops, I missed the part where OP knew where they would be living. I thought that was up in the air still.
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    WAG DC area gyms

    LOTs of gyms in the DC area! It is definitely going to depend on if you live on the Maryland or Virginia side of the Beltway! Hills on the Maryland side (NorthWest), SilverStars on the North Side, North East Maryland is Sportsplex . Of those three - Hills and Sportsplex are probably the...
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    WAG Anonymous parent question

    There are also some Doc Ali books that are for younger girls, the poster could look into those as well. I know that the poster's daughter has not "bought into" the Doc Ali books - but they have really helped my DD. I think that if the poster goes through them with her DD, and just helps her...
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    WAG Doing numbers and small vs. big meets

    While it's always nice to win a trophy, and have fun ... Can you find some closer, local meets to do that, and save the travel meet for the big competition. Travel meets really should be to see what competition is out there.
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    WAG New Head Coach - complete opposite of old head coach??

    OP.... Re-read Sasha's post. Then read it again. I would hazard a guess that your daughter is already doing drills for higher skills, neither of you know it yet. As far as repeating the level 4.... With the new HC... Shrug. You DON'T know she will be practicing routines after routines...
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    WAG Need a new gym and DD is afraid of bars. what to do?

    You also need to understand that even though your daughter is prepared to move to the new gym and wants it, especially with fear issues, YOU need to be prepared for it to take her some time to really " get into the groove" with her new coaches. She needs to learn to trust these strangers when...
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    WAG Adding a beep to beginning of floor music?

    West Virginia Mountaineers gymnasts use a shotgun cocking at the beginning of their routine. It was cool.
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    WAG Level 7

    I really think it depends on your region. Our region is highly competitive, and by the end of the season, the highest scoring level 7 routines will have a clear hip handstand giant layout flyaway.
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    WAG Doc Ali used for old abuse thoughts?

    A GOOD child psychologist does not require that the child be able to articulate to her (or his) parents. My own experience with child psychologists is that the parent speaks with the therapist alone, then the child will spend time with the therapist (with or without the parent present...
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    For Parents Give Me Strength to Keep my Damn Mouth Shut!

    Love the part about what YG is missing to be an artistic gymnast! Made me laugh out loud! I can only hope DD is inspired by her show tune and dances her little heart out!
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    For Parents Give Me Strength to Keep my Damn Mouth Shut!

    DD (11 years old) is getting a new floor routine this year. So, her coaches gave her 5 music tracks to choose from. While I would really prefer something more classical ( I think that just tends to be what I see the higher routines use - in general, so I think judges prefer it) all of the...
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    For Parents Grip sizing help

    The dowel should hit the last joint at the middle finger with the fingers just barely bent. Is that the brand that your DDs coach specifies? Just order the next size up if so. The grips generally stretch out quite a bit. Can't help you as far as the finger holes. All off DDs grips, the...
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    For Parents Who makes the call?

    If your child is having problems with the coach after 3 years, and you see problems of perceived favoritism, then, I don't think it is a decision you should put on a 9 year old. I spent too much time debating the gym move last year and letting my DD have input ( she was 10). Like you, there...
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    For Parents Dobre gym MD

    I had a friend recommend them a few years ago. I saw some girls at a meet 1 or 2 years ago. Hills is also in the same area and is very well known.