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    For Coaches Using Yield Percentage in Artistic Gymnastics

    Using Yield Percentages in Artistic Gymnastics This paper aims to advocate the use of a metric labelled yield percentage to enhance performance strategies in Artistic Gymnastics. Using yield percentage, participants can consolidate the vast amount of numbers in our sport towards devising...
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    For Coaches Pirouettes and Post Arm

    For me, I like to relate all twisting skills in the same direction in order to reduce complications for future development of higher level skills. Very often, this relationship deals with familiarity and skill similarities. (I aim to do this with all skills with the exception of the roundoff)...
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    Men's qualifications

    The GB grassroots development system of compulsory routines is the secret to their success. They have the most progressive compulsory routines in the world, have done so for many years. We are just now seeing the results of these routines - and it will only get better with the next generation of...
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    WAG Live Streaming of Our 2014 Fundy Gymnastics Invitational

    If you are interested, we will be streaming our 2014 Fundy Gymnastics Invitational all this weekend live after having partnered with Bell Aliant. Here is a picture of our "command centre"! Go to and click the Watch Live link at the top of the page tomorrow, Saturday...
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    MAG New Parallel Bar Station

    Thought you all might like to see the new Parallel Bar Station I created/designed at our gym... Sunken Parallel Bars and an In-Ground Parallel Blocks Station - As far as I am aware, first of its kind in the world!
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    For Coaches Cast to handstand - tips needed (video)

    Would like to chime in... Instead of asking gymnasts to lean the shoulders forward during casts, I think approaching it from another perspective could help. I like to ask gymnasts to ensure their hips are directly on the top of the rail, before they drive their heels upward. Most gymnasts...
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    WAG "Leftie gymnast"?

    Nastia Liukin, 2008 Balance Beam Olympic Champion, stood with her right leg in front and twisted right into her Onodi. Some would say she has one of the best Onodi's in the world ... She also steps forward leading with her right leg into handstands, cartwheels and roundoff's (left twisting...
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    For Coaches Building Inexpensive PVC Parallettes Gymnastics Parallettes - YouTube
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    For Coaches Strategies in Gymnastics Routine Training

    Hello All - Hope you enjoy this video ... Strategies in Gymnastics Routine Training - YouTube
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    MAG Men's Gymnastics Physical Preparation - Building Strength Circuits

    Hope you enjoy this video - Men's Gymnastics Physical Preparation - Exercises to Build Into Circuits - YouTube
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    For Coaches Single Leg Basket Swing

    I can only assume you are referring to this - This is a very good, safe and progressive way of transitioning a gymnast from below the bar to on top - It shows direct relationships to the kip and would likely be a smart developmental addition...
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    For Coaches Golden rule for twisting and pirouetting

    Finally, here is Floor.
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    For Coaches Golden rule for twisting and pirouetting

    Ok - Gymnast steps forward with their right foot during a lunge....Follow this 'map'. Hope it helps and gives some insight!
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    Best foot forward? Leading leg in tumbling

    In regards to twisting the same forwards and backwards - the arms change, meaning if you are a left twister than on a forward somersault you would drop your right arm and twist left, on a backward somersault you would drop your left arm and twist left. In simpler terms, ‘The shortened side of...
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    Best foot forward? Leading leg in tumbling

    A fellow colleague and I were discussing twisting and he brought up a very thought provoking way of looking at twist direction. After retiring from gymnastics, my colleague decided to take up bull riding. In bull riding, participants are strapped onto a bull by one arm while the other is used to...
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    Pulling in on Flyways, or Back Aways

    Hello all, I very often get questions about dealing with the fear of Flyways, or Back Aways, from the High Bar, or Uneven Bars. I am hoping this post will provide some insight for those developing this element and will alleviate some anxiety that parallels acquiring this essential and...
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    Accidental Twist

    Curious as to why the vestibular system would be the culprit of such mistakes? The vestibular system when a human being becomes airborne becomes much less effective for spatial orientation as there is no point of reference for balance or orientation to relate to. Human beings while in this...
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    Trouble on Vault

    Yurchenko's, since the introduction of the Vault Table in 2002, have come a long way. In most cases, this has meant it has become a more widely trained and performed Vault. With this greater representation in performance has come a surge in performance related mistakes as lower level coaches are...
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    For Coaches Overcoming Gravity: A Systematic Approach to Gymnastics and Bodyweight Strength

    Awesome thank you for that...haven't googled it, but will do now.