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    WAG Featured Coaches, what do you think of parents that watch the entire practice?

    We are so grateful our gym has a camera app!! We love DD’s coaches too! It’s a far drive, but I don’t need to worry since I trust she is in great hands and I can check out a new skill if she tells me to check the app before practice. Our rec parents mostly stay and watch, team parents never stay.
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    For Parents Best leo brands?

    Sylvia P is DD’s fave. It’s lined, great quality, not high cut on hips, and cute designs. She also likes GK but it’s very popular and she likes to be unique.
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    WAG Talking during practice

    Oh yes!! They need to talk and have fun!! The girls have fun, they work very hard, they focus, they cheer each other on and applaud each other accomplishments!! Proud of our gym for having such a positive environment for our girls!!
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    For Parents Recreational Gymnastics

    Enjoy it and cheer them on!! There are so many benefits to gymnastics!
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    For Parents Nine year old new to gymnastics

    Congrats!! Sounds like your DD loves it already!! Usually, pre-team is a year preparing to compete. Your coach should be able to tell you how your gym does it : )
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    For Parents Pointers, tips etc..

    Agreed!! Also, are you allowed to observe practice either live or on camera? Is allowed for both teams?
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    For Parents Coach not letting gymnast progress

    Totally understand how gymnasts and parents become frustrated when they feel their kid can do more. But trust that your coach knows what he/she is doing. Skill progression through drills promotes proper form which is needed for high scores, further progression and most of all- safety! After...
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    For Parents Nutrition for Gymnasts when training through evening meal times?

    Hi! PB&j with some fresh fruit (banana, raspberries, or apple) and a protein bar in the car. Lots of water! Then late dinner at home usually around 8:30, homework, shower and bed.
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    WAG Pls help with my kip/upstart

    Aside from drills, how long should it take to learn a kip?
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    For Parents Feeling discouraged

    While making it to a college team sounds awesome, the only thing you as a parent can do that will always be the right thing is support your daughter on a day to day basis. Showing her you are on her team will be something you will never look back and regret. Plus gymnastics and life are...
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    For Parents Switch from Xcel Silver to JO?

    Def talk to her coach. If your daughter loves it and wants to do more, I don’t think you’ll regret helping her explore that. Plus your daughter will be happy mama is in her corner supporting her : ) L3 at our gym is 3.5 hours 3 days a week. I think most L3 is 9-10 hours a week. L4 jumps to 14...
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    WAG Shorts at practice

    Same. Our girls can wear shorts or leggings for practice over leos. Comp-leo only.
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    For Parents For the love of the sport: “Should I stay or should I go”

    Sounds like your daughter is respected and valued at her gym, but most of all she sounds happy! Good job mama/dad!
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    For Parents Meet etiquette

    Yep, treat each other with respect, kindness and humility.