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    For Parents Featured Let’s discuss technique!

    Thank you!! @JBS
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    For Parents Featured Let’s discuss technique!

    Thanks for the response! I’m hoping to hear a variety of answers, and I realize it can be broken down by skill… but I guess I was hoping to start a general discussion more than anything. Many people talk about having to unlearn bad habits or sloppy technique when they switch gyms. I’m...
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    For Parents Featured Let’s discuss technique!

    Can we discuss technique? How do you know if your current gym is teaching proper technique? The more I learn about gymnastics the more I realize how little I know! Besides bent knees and other obvious things, what does good technique mean?
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    For Parents Featured Hardest Skill To Acquire

    Yes they are! All of the different replies in this thread are fascinating Just wanted to add that my daughter finally got that ROBHS consistently… On to the next hardest skill lol
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    Hardest Skill To Acquire

    What has been the hardest skill for your gymnast to acquire or “get” so far?
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    For Parents Featured Hardest Skill To Acquire

    Yes! I’m loving this thread, thanks to everyone for adding your (or your gymnast’s) experiences so far!
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    For Parents Featured Hardest Skill To Acquire

    My daughter got her cartwheel on beam and front tuck so easily! But that robhs really got her lol
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    For Parents Featured Hardest Skill To Acquire

    I thought it would be a fun discussion so here goes… What has been the hardest skill for your gymnast to acquire or “get” so far? I don’t mean the most difficult skill necessarily, but the one that took your gymnast the longest to get. Include your gymnast’s level in the comment. Curious to...
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    Anon Help me encourage my daughter

    Wow!! Thank you all so much for the incredible stories and words of wisdom. I’m so grateful for this community and have loved reading all of your insightful responses. Thanks everyone!
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    For Parents Featured Age/Level and Path they took to get there

    Love seeing everyone’s path! My gymnast is not very far into her journey but so far: Age 5: Rec/Adv Rec Age 6: Invited to preteam/took most of the year off due to covid Age 7/8: Xcel Bronze season Age 8/9: Xcel Silver Season
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    For Parents Featured ARTICLE: Is Competitive Gymnastics Right For My Family

    Great article!! I wish I had this much guidance before agreeing to let my daughter join the team!
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    Anon Competitive Gymnastics

    Trying her best at every practice and applying the corrections that her coach gives her are a great start. I‘d also try to increase the number of classes to more than once per week if possible. Talk to your daughter’s coach about her interest in joining team and what steps she would need to...
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    For Parents XCEL Skills

    Thank you for the information everyone!
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    For Parents Update on My DD

    I’m new here and truly appreciate the advice from the experienced parents, it’s invaluable to new gym parents like me. Sounds like your daughter had quite a journey! Best of luck to her, with that much determination she can achieve anything!
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    For Parents XCEL Skills

    @BusyMomof2 Thank you! This is very helpful
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    For Parents XCEL Skills

    Very true! Our gym uses XCEL bronze, silver, and gold in place of levels 3-5 (and has the girls test out of levels 4 & 5). From XG they move to optionals when they are ready. So specifically interested in silver and gold skills, I know they can be somewhat fluid in XCEL. Thanks!
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    For Parents XCEL Skills

    Hi all! For those of you that are at gyms who use XCEL in place of compulsories, what skills are your XCEL gymnasts competing with/working on? I understand that some XCEL teams are more laid back, but I’m curious about the skills being trained for those who use XCEL on the path to Optionals. TIA!
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    Anon Parents: If you knew then what you know now....

    So many insightful responses here. Even though it’s the gymnast’s journey and not ours, I feel we as parents walk right alongside them. Watching them struggle is just so gut wrenching sometimes. Even more so when they throw themselves into this amazing but brutal sport with so much passion...
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    For Parents New Feature: Test It Out For Us!

    Worked perfectly!
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    For Parents How big is your gym?

    We have a small gym, only 25-30 on team. Our gym does Xcel to optionals