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    WAG Xcel Bronze Floor

    Our Bronze team is struggling on a leap combination. I know they can do step hops, but can those step hops be done in a passe position or does it have the be straight in front at horizontal?
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    WAG New optional changes?

    Did they add aerial dismounts on beam for Level 6? I thought it only said salto before, but I might be wrong.
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    For Parents Xcel Bronze Requirements??

    Xcel Bronze requirements are pretty basic. They don't even need to have a pullover as a mount on bars. It honestly just depends on the gym. Personally, we don't host tryouts, we just move kids accordingly when we see ability, so I don't exactly know how their tryouts will be done. Honestly, if...
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    For Parents Cutting down hours

    If you're in Region 3, 6, 7 or 8, they're piloting the new Xcel Sapphire program designed for Level 10s who want to take time off this season. That's obviously up to your coaches and if you're in one of the regions doing it, but just putting it out there!
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    WAG Xcel Gold Floor Requirements

    Yes, 2 standing bhs will work. I've seen a few girls compete it in my state. She should also be able to do three fhs since you can do three bhs in a routine as long as the pass is different.
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    WAG Is it too late to start gymnastics and be successful?

    One of my gymnasts just came back after a 3 year break, she was training Level 4 - 6 when she left. She conditioned her butt off, did a year of Xcel Gold, and has now gotten all of her Level 4 skills back even better than before she left. It's completely possible.
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    WAG White Leo Opinions

    Hard no. We NEVER put our girls in anything other than black on the bottom. Light colors show everything no matter the material of leotard. Plus, that's a sure fire way to make a girl self conscious on her period.
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    WAG Having a comp leo situation... once again

    So, I posted in here a few months ago about Alpha Factor shutting down and putting our gym in a real pickle regarding leotards. For our lower levels, we were able to gather enough old AF leotards in appropriate sizes to work for the year. Of course, they're old so by the end of the season the...
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    WAG Alpha Factor

    Is anyone else in a pickle now that Alpha Factor has suddenly shut down? What other leotard companies would you recommend that are within a reasonable under 200 price range? We are a small gym and there's just no way we can afford a customized GK leo and apparently purple and black are not...
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    WAG Xcel Gold Bars

    Yes! I'd thought about two casts, but I'm worried about her hitting horizontal on both since she's still pretty skittish. She has tried sole circles off the high bar before and that's what I would be leaning towards since she doesn't quite have a clean underswing into the tap swings yet. I...
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    WAG Xcel Gold Bars

    Hey! Coach here. I have two girls who have been competing Xcel Silver. One has been in this level for 3 years now, and we're all ready for her to move up. Problem is, she is terrified of jumping to the high bar. She will do a squat on and stand on the low bar, but won't jump. I know Golds can...