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  1. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    For Parents Can someone help me determine her skill level?

    Is she going to be doing Xcel or the Developmental Program? Floor: Level 6 or Xcel Platinum Bars: Level 4 or Xcel Gold Beam: Level 4 or Xcel Gold Vault: Level 3 or Xcel Bronze As an estimate, I would say she's probably Level 4 or an Xcel Gold - except for vault, she'll need a front handspring...
  2. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    OT Best gymnastics memory 2022

    Although this is definitely minor compared to some of the skills I learned by the end of the year, doing my entire bars routine (pullover, back hip circle, front hip circle, squat on, pullover on high bar, cast to horizontal, 3 tap swings, 180 turn dismount) without a fall or severely bent arms...
  3. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    WAG What level would I be in Junior Olympic?

    Floor - Level 8, but you'll probably want to learn some back tumbling for JO. Vault - Level 9, you can do Tsuks with a 10.0 start value, but some gyms require you to have a Yurchenko vault Bars - Level 8/9, you will need to have 2 bar changes for level 9, but otherwise level 9 Beam - Level 9...
  4. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    ChalkBucket Happy Holidays (Tell Us Your Plans)

    A lot of gymnastics training! Also hanging out with some of my school friends. And we have family friends who live abroad visiting for a few days, so I'm excited for that!
  5. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    WAG Washing leos

    1. Yes, I wash them in the laundry 2. Really gently hand-wash them. Don't soak it too much, don't use soap (a little bit of laundry detergent should be fine, BUT MAKE SURE TO CHECK THE LEOTARD TAG/BRAND'S WEBSITE FOR WASHING INSTRUCTIONS!!!
  6. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    WAG Washing leos

    Are you talking about practice or competition leos? For practice leos (the regular kind, no sequins) I wash them with other athletic clothes and/or t-shirts and leggings of a similar color, and it doesn't seem to damage them. Don't do this with shiny or sequined fabric though! And I don't think...
  7. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    WAG Tips to not throw back head in back tuck

    The way I was taught to do it was to put an object at eye level in front of you (I did it with a poster on the wall). Once you start doing your back tuck, look at that object. Your head should be the last to rotate. You can also practice setting (jumping up, and then back).
  8. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    WAG Cleaning up Floor Routine

    Dancing doesn't come naturally - I can say that for sure. Especially since she's a beginner. Taking dance classes does help a lot, I did dance as a beginner gymnast (recreational classes) during the pandemic and I did online class integrated dance (acro, lyrical, jazz, etc.). To this day I still...
  9. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    WAG Mental Block

    Thank you so much for all the responses :) I got it with the lemon mat, and hopefully will move onto the tumble track soon
  10. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    Anon Does doing gymnastics from a young age stunt growth?

    I would say no. I'm a gymnast and I'm 5'5" and I know some other tall gymnasts. So if gymnastics does stunt growth, it's only by a little.
  11. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    OT Gifts for Pre-Teen and Teen Girls

    As a pre-teen I also wasn't really into clothes or makeup either, but I loved getting room decorations (throw pillows, posters, etc.) and scrunchies/fancy hair ties. Some other ideas are sketchbooks, art supplies, Squishmallows, candy, keychains and stickers. Also there is this book called...
  12. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    WAG Ideas for beam mounts

    Maybe some sort of a chest stand mount? It requires a lot of back flexibility, but they still might be able to do it. Or a middle split mount, where you jump up on the beam into a middle split position.
  13. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    WAG Mental Block

    Oof, I'm sorry. I had two injuries on my right knee (not very serious, one had me take a week off gymnastics and the other one two days.) but doing conditioning on my legs still hurts and so do some skills where I land in a squat position - so I get it. But hopefully you'll get it soon and good...
  14. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    WAG Backbend kickover how to?

    I would say to start by getting a solid bridge kickover and a backbend separately first, and then start slowly combining them. If you have trouble kicking over, use a folded panel mat or something along those lines to push off with your feet. Also stretch your shoulders and back, the closer your...
  15. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    WAG Mental Block

    Hi, I'm a gymnast and I have the biggest mental block when it comes to back handsprings. I'm terrified of jumping back onto my hands, and whenever I do it with a spot I just kind of 'flop' back. This is mainly because I'm not flexible at all (my back and shoulder flexibility is the worst). I...
  16. -GymnastOnTheVault-

    Anon Featured Why switch to Yurchenko?

    As a gymnast, I also do mostly Tsuks for vault, so I understand. About the start value, for level 9 she could still do a Tsuk 1/1 tuck or a Tsuk layout and still get a starting value of 10.0. The reason for the switch is most likely that Yurchenkos are the most common vaulting entry, especially...