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  1. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents has your child ever

    I would not be happy plus that poor kid I cannot imagine how much fun she actually had
  2. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents Season over prematurely

    That stinks!! awesome that her coaches are letting her coach,how fun for her
  3. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents has your child ever

    well she ended up being back to normal for over 24hours so she did get to compete! She did great!
  4. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents has your child ever

    Our director sent and email off to the hosting gym and they are willing to refund our fee if she cannot compete, how awesome isthat (we really did not think they could but everyone figured we would not know if we did not ask.) our gym also said that if it were another kid at ours we would want...
  5. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents has your child ever

    I do agree if sick ,Idid say she had to be fever free(Tho shehasnot even had one) and no vomiting and eating for a good 24 hours before I would let her go. she is feeling better tonight just a tad week and tired so things are looking good so who knows,
  6. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents has your child ever

    no it is not her first meet. she allready qualified for state at 32AA (forgot the afterpoint partLOL) at least:) and Iam sure its a virus, she is weak and her stomach hurts etc. plus her little sister was sick all last week with stomach bug and still is a bit off. good thought tho.
  7. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents Gift ideas?

    ten- o has really cute things for stocking stuffers (Iliked the rubks cube on it)
  8. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents YouTube

    I will put things up for a week (some people whom we really want to share them with are soo lost if they are private , not sure why but oh well) then I put it private when I thinkthey all have seen them. also when they are on thepublic I search and they seem tobe really low on the list so Ido...
  9. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents has your child ever

    also since #2 dd is also doing themeet, she would be bummed if both dad and I are not there. We have notmissed a meet yet butif older dd does not go I will stay home since it makes more sense for me to since wehave 3 yrold dd as well I wish life was easier LOL
  10. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents has your child ever

    Thanks! yea if she is weak no way will I let her comepete, Tho If she is feeling better but still weak , and no fever all day tomorow orthrowing up etc (not had any fever at all ) I will let her go and sit with the team as long as no vomiting and such for a good 24 hours. so that she can still...
  11. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents has your child ever

    missed a meet due to being sick? my oldest dd has the stomach bug and to be honest Ido not think she will be well enough by Sat to go. younger dd will be going (as long as she doesnot get sick) my poor kid has looked forward to this meet for a year now
  12. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents How do you celebrate after meets

    If the girls are hungry we get food ,if not we just make a big deal how much fun they had and how we are proud of them (even if they did not do good)
  13. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents sticking tongue out during routines

    my brother did that when he would hit a tennis ball in tennis (he was a very good tennis player) since he was concentrating so hard. I also think one of his kids does this playing soccer now too!
  14. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents 10 years old to old?

    Isure hope not, my oldest dd is 11 and a level 4!
  15. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents Bog's daughter

    I am just seeing this, prayers and hugs to BB and you and your family as you all will be her care and comfort thru this time.
  16. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents So Sad for Little Bit

    WOW No wonder we have so many Rude kids in this worls, when adults do not even let KIDS Talk to another kid!! We ha a girl leave out gym and her mom was even still a coach, (she left sinc well she scored to high and was too good for our team, ~really not sure why but it seemed that way...
  17. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents Was a little blown away. Okay..maybe alot.

    WOW!!! I know i have bribed my dd with a treat after and well even a leo if she got a skill but that was because she was having SOO much trouble and we wanted an incentive to get it!, even goofy things like I will do a cartwheel in front of the house etc!! but like I said it was cause she...
  18. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents How did your dd get into gymnastics?

    WEll I put oldest dd in gymnastics when she was 3 with a friends dd who was the same age , her older sister was in it, and I needed more things got her to do with kids her own age, and when younger dd would hang out they let her try the things and she kept up with the 3 yr olds and she was 18...
  19. Monkeygirlsmom

    For Parents Get Well Fairies for DD

    Yikes!! Keep us updated when you can!! poor kid that soudns painful.