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    Coaches Gifts

    A really nice card w/ a thoughtful note of appreciation is sooo appreciated!Also a gift car for coffe, or a lunch place near the gym where the coach frequents is very appreciated-gas cards, or a massage would be GREAT!!!
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    looking for moms of level 9/10 gymnasts

    Another thing to talk about in the meeting-will she be the only one?It will be VERY difficult for her to be the only one- for her own "mental" sake as well as they will probably be in a training group w/ Level 10's- which is a totally different type of workout. Is she still young enough- no...
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    8 Year Old TOPs

    Of course strength & flexibility shoud be part of every team program. But the extra demands of TOPs (straight body cast to hs, 10 presses, 1 min hs hold, etc) DO require more specific training. Also, the skills work, for most kids, require the extra time, for instance if the athlete is a 9 yo...
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    Can Fear Issues Rub Off On Other Gymnasts

    Yes fear can be contageous, but its sounds to me like these young kids are being asked to do skills that they just are not physically ready for! This is not the kids of contageous fear that happens at the upper levels, its fear bc the kids are smarter than the coaches!! No one needs privates...
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    8 Year Old TOPs

    To answer sheplays in the chalk- usually the goal for the best TOPs kids is to teach them the fundamentals while in compulsories, and they do quite well in compulsories bc they have good skills. Most of the 9-11 yo who MAKE the teams are competing at a level where they train/compete those...
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    8 Year Old TOPs

    Yes, its true, 8 year olds will be invited to National Testing. TOPs is not a big moneymaker for USAG-most of what comes in, goes right back out. (Levels 2-5 are the biggest money makers!) Please remember this program is an elite program, so it makes sense that 95% wont make the cut...
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    Double Standard in Gym

    I think you could look at it as a double standard, or, realize the fact that every child is different and must be treated differently. At level 7, there is no substitution for back tumbling-they must do a RO BHS layout as a requirement. Perhaps they are scratching your daughter for her...
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    need advice on which gym to work for

    I think it would be really important to try out BOTH gyms! That way both sides can see if its a good fit. Good luck with your decision, its a hard one!
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    need advice on which gym to work for

    I think you are on the younger side, correct? Driving an hour + would really wear and tear on you emotionally and physically! Also, as head coach, you would need to be there for a lot of other things, such as partent meetings, staff meetings, etc-so that would be MORE driving. You have so...
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    For Parents Beth's State meet this past weekend

    Wow, the gym has a rule not to take athletes to meets that they qualify for? Do the parents stand for this? It seems strange to me that NO ONE stands up for the athletes and says something! If the coaches are there for the athletes that make super 8-why can they stay for anyone else? I have...
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    Skipping Levels to barely qualify for States--Is it Worth it?

    I agree w/ coach todd that scores do not determine success.. however...I do feel like a fast tracked gymnast should be scoring quite well in compulsories based on their excellent basics.
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    Getting Parents to commit

    Start w/ a small group of kids of parents who want to commit. It will take time, but your program will grow. Maybe recommend a rec team for those who wont commit, though your hours are on the low eend for Level 4.
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    Skipping Levels to barely qualify for States--Is it Worth it?

    I have fast tracked many gymnasts through compulsories and they all qualified to states easily. The compulsory skills are the BASICS of gymnastics-if they are not done EXTREMELY well, there will be no carrer in optionals at all. If your daughter is not scoring well bc she is not doing the...
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    Level 4 Floor Routine

    The backhandspring is worth .6, the deduction for leaving it out is double the value of the element, or 1.2.
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    Vault-in need of intervention

    STOP coaching her at home. it will come in time-she needs to get stronger & keep at it. Instead of making her work on it at home, tell her you know she'll get it and that you believe in her. The coach is probably frustrated bc he/she has to keep reteaching things after she practices on a...
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    For Parents Explaining-scores to kiddos

    I tell the kids scores are like money. Everyone starts out w/ $10.00. For every mistake, the judge takes a dime, fifty cents for a fall, etc. I tell them its their job to what they can to keep their money. As far as placements, the person w/ the most money left wins, 2nd most is 2nd etc...
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    How to decide which score count for the team score.

    Its the highest event scores that are added up to the team score. Each meet is a little different, but its very common to have the top 3 scores count towards the team score. Im not sure why the coach would want to cause dissention within the team by stating who contributes to the team score...
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    Can you "teach" presentation skills?

    You can kind of teach presentation-IF the athlete wants to improve. Some shy kids just are not comfortable showing off- and they can improve w/ work & effort- but it is diffcult. They just really never look as good as the kids who do it naturally- but it can definitely improve w/ a lot of work...
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    level 5 vault for a shorty

    just be patient, she'll get it, but it might take a while!
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    Pre Team - Step Out of Handstand on Beam

    I actually tell them as they step down from the lunge...if they do it, they always land perfectly w/ out a wiggle.