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  1. Daphne Banks

    For Parents Strained ligament in back

    Anyone have a kid with a strained ligament in the back? How long to get back. Orthopedic dr. says 2-3 weks but curious from experience? Thank you!
  2. Daphne Banks

    For Parents Seeking gift ideas for retiring gymnast!

    After 11 years as a competitive gymnast, my daughter is transitioning to diving. She is excited but also emotional about her departure from something that was such a major part of her life for so long. I want to mark the occasion for her in some way. Perhaps with a gift. Seeking ideas! Thank you!
  3. Daphne Banks

    For Parents Diving?

    Does anyone have the scoop on diving? My L 9/10 rising HS junior is maybe interested. She still loves gym but has had so many injuries... Curious on a few things: 1) What are training hours like? 2) Would there be possibilities to continue in college? I know there are teams, but is it too...
  4. Daphne Banks

    For Parents Back injury seeking advice (not medical)

    My daughter (level 9) just got an MRI that shows "swelling in the pars interarticularis and extending into the transverse process at L4". The Dr. said this is not yet a stress fracture but the start of one. She was told 8-12 weeks off. Absolutely no extension. She wants to go to the gym...
  5. Daphne Banks

    For Parents College club gym options for a level 10?

    My daughter is a Sophmore, 3d year level 9. Where did your daughter go to school? It does seem hard to get this information, so just curious for anecdotes!
  6. Daphne Banks

    For Parents College club gym options for a level 10?

    My daughter hopes to do college gym. I am also hoping she will pick the best school for her academically. To broaden the college search, I am wondering if there are any (and which) club teams would be a fit for a level 10 JO gymnast? She is not in need of a scholarship. She is a very strong STEM...
  7. Daphne Banks

    For Parents Product to keep leo from riding up?

    Can anyone recommend a product to keep a leo from riding up-- keeping it over the butt :) Thank you!
  8. Daphne Banks

    For Parents Keeping leotard from riding up?

    Can anyone recommend a good product to keep a leotard from riding up. Keeping it down over the butt :) Thank you!
  9. Daphne Banks

    For Parents Sudafed and practice

    Would you give your kid Sudafed before practice? My daughter says she feels fine, just congested. Covid negative. Wants to go to practice. I think Sudafed would make her more comfortable but afraid it might be dangerous to take doing tricks. Thoughts?
  10. Daphne Banks

    For Parents Online social psych class for HS credit?

    Hi gym parents! My DD is looking to take an online class in order to get to gym on time. She is looking to replace her HS social psych class with something online. This may need to fulfill some kind of health credit. Any ideas? Especially maybe from homeschool families? It will just be this one...
  11. Daphne Banks

    For Parents long thoracic nerve injury anyone?

    Oh my goodness; what a path. I'm glad she is doing better finally. What caused it for you? So far, they are saying don't do any loading or swinging and don't lift your arm over your head until we get an EMG. No further instruction yet...
  12. Daphne Banks

    For Parents long thoracic nerve injury anyone?

    Does anyone know anything about long thoracic nerve injury or winged scapula? My DD was just diagnosed with this.
  13. Daphne Banks

    Recommendations for supplementing school

    OP here. Yes, Art of Problem Solving sounds like a great fit for my DD. She loves math, will be doing 11th-grade math in 9th grade this year, but the school curriculum (in person or not) has never been that deep/stimulating. This is exactly the kind of thing that might be a fit for her. I'll...
  14. Daphne Banks

    Recommendations for supplementing school

    Hi there, my DDs highschool (in California) just decided to go fully online. As they are not experts in this, they are allowing kids to take classes through other institutions. As so many here have done online classes, programs, and homeschool alternatives, I thought there might be some good...
  15. Daphne Banks

    Would you send your DD - sick girl at gym?

    OP here. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and input. I decided to keep my DD home. The girl found out today she does not have COVID. She got her test result today-- one week after trying to get the test. Our country is f*&^*()ed.
  16. Daphne Banks

    Are CA gyms affected?

    But even in the counties included, do gymnastics gyms fall into "fitness centers"? I think maybe they don't?? Fitness Centers don't have stable groups, etc.
  17. Daphne Banks

    Would you send your DD - sick girl at gym?

    My DD (level 9) is excited to finally be back at gym. Now a girl in her training group just fell sick with symptoms that could be flu, could be COVID, could be a stomach bug... The girl is getting a COVID test in a few days. Would you keep your kid home until the results are in? Might mean...
  18. Daphne Banks

    Looking for California reopening info

    I agree LA and OC may be tenuous. Though Santa Clara numbers are on a total decline, Contra Costa and SF as well are declining with many fewer cases. Riverside has nearly 5x cases of Contra Costa County. I also think it will depend on the plan of each county and the plan of each gym to...
  19. Daphne Banks

    WAG Are vacations really not okay??

    I hear of Olympians taking a year off and coming back for Worlds, JO athletes quitting level 9 for a year and coming back to level 9. Then I hear our coaches saying don't take a vacation for more than 1-2 weeks. I met a parent at Regionals who said they don't take ANY vacations anymore. We...
  20. Daphne Banks

    WAG Coach likes my DD least

    Hello wonderful gymnastics community. My DD (12 yo, L 8) recently told me that everyone in her group knows the coach likes her the least of everyone. That the coach is constantly talking about how everyone is now better than her and passing her by. I don't know what is true but this is my...