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    Anon Gymnasts who are scared of everything

    Whats a wave skill/event?
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    WAG All About The UK Gymnastics System (UK vs. US Systems)

    How many grades are there? Sorry if i missed it! Does a gymnast have to "pass" a grade with a minimum score before being able to advance to the next grade? Can you skip grades?
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    WAG Excel state and regionals

    I dont really have input but i wanted to follow the thread- since im switched from jo to xcel recently
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    WAG Beam excel gold

    Do progressions: half turn, snap half half, full turn on low beam, full turn with mats under high beam, full turn on high beam
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    WAG Skills Timeline

    A lot of the skills you mentioned above like kip, bhs, aerials, front handspring vault take time to learn. For me BHS took quite a while compared to the other skills, about 3 months, and I lost it again after about 1.5 months of having it (currently dont have it). I get the frustration but...
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    WAG Giant Swing Timing

    Not entirely sure about Nastia's early tap- but I think it utilises her ability to arch well and probably hold the arch longer
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    WAG Beam excel gold

    As far as I'm aware you need two jumps connected. At least thats what they say at my gym for most do split jump straight jump.
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    For Parents Has anybody else dealt with judges showing local teams more leniency?

    Not a high level gymnast- but from what I've read- say a front tuck fulfills a requirement in level 8. You compete it but you get up to level deductions- meaning that even though it fulfills the requirement it is not the standard/level of level 8
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    WAG Punch front or front tuck on floor

    Btw i take the same steps as you so you dont technically need more steps. It gives me enough power, but you could mess around with it if you think it will help The others have good tips above!
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    WAG Giant Swing Timing

    Idk how old your dd is (idk if it even matters but I think this works better with younger ones) but our coach says to hollow down like going down a slide, and at the very bottom of the slide you tap. She writes it down on a panel mat like this: Slide | | | V Tap And places it...
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    Anon How many times do you have to do a skill to stop being afraid of it?

    I really don't know cuz im in the same situation..putting a reply in here to follow the thread lol
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    OT What is your stretch routine like?

    I just do whatevers done at the pretty flexible already and i have both right and left splits down (super close to middle) so i don't do much at home Though before I had them, at the gym. I used panel mats and split b/w them which I think helped a lot
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    For Parents Back pain

    Omg its the same situation with me except that its been a year and 3 months and I did no gymnastics for 1.5 months...isnt going away so I just avoid bwos and fwos
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    For Parents Squat on help…

    I need this but for floor :( i can never fall well
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    For Parents Featured Age/Level and Path they took to get there

    12 year old (I think) started Covid and everything - practices cut short but still gained skills 14 year old: back injury - made it hard to gain new skills 14.5 moved to US: started on level 4, even though I had higher level skills- but missed just round off BHS BHS and high bar kip. Bad...
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    WAG A bit confused (side aerials)

    My coach(es) always said more height- altho my aerial is usually pretty low: I only make it cuz my swing is pretty good. But I'm trying to improve as I usually land with my chest down- and that has to do with height!
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    WAG Grip recommendations

    I and other people at my previous 2 gyms use Resiport. New gym- not sure
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    WAG Leg hold tips

    Omg anna shes crazily flexible
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    WAG Front Pike

    Hi! So I can easily do a front tuck (at least on a rod and tumble trak- still kinda working on it on floor) but I don't get how to do a front pike. I've heard that just straighten your legs out in the tuck- and I've tried it but it doesnt work. Any suggestions? (Also- I'm kinda cautious about...
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    WAG Too many ankle sprains = Weak ankles

    ooh thanks Would it be weird to ask if you're switching gyms ie you have new coaches?