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    Middle Split Help

    Our coaches will on occasion push the straddle lower. I've also seen weights set on the lower back/backside. My daughter says that's a hard one to push down by yourself, and she likes the assist. She'll do it with over-splits, too, and that's been a big help. Disclaimer: I'm not suggesting to...
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    For Coaches Do you think parents can be too pushy?

    Thanks. It'll be interesting to see where other coaches fall with regard to your definition. I consider it my obligation to be involved. I'm involved with her schoolwork, with her spiritual life, with her choice of friends, with her passion for this sport, and with other aspects of her life...
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    For Coaches Do you think parents can be too pushy?

    Instead of just "yeah, some parents are too pushy," can you define what you mean by that? One extreme is a parent who is forcing their child into a sport the child doesn't want to do. Another extreme is a parent is uninterested in whatever their child does. There's a big range between those two...
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    How do you foster a good relationship w coach

    I don't think so. That's you stepping in to solve her problem. You can't force it. It takes time for a coach to understand how to reach and teach a child. Give the coach a chance. Allow them that time. There's no rush, right? I think that 95% of a parent-coach relationship should be about...
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    How do you foster a good relationship w coach

    Since you asked for suggestions--relax and let the coach coach. Don't stress over every breath she takes and every move she makes. And if she's too scared to speak up about something, then it might be time for her to learn how to speak with a coach/teacher, or accept the results of not doing it...
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    competition question

    They are levels within a Prep Optional program supported by some states. It's an alternative to the Compulsory program, and runs in parallel with it. So, instead of Levels 4, 5, 6, a Prep Optional program might have Rookie, Novice, Prep, and they might break each into two levels, leaving Rookie...
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    For Parents Just a venting a smidge

    Maybe you can feel both complimented and manipulated, so you and your husband both have a reason to feel what you feel. Of course I can't know how your gym does things, so this is not a comment on them. In general, I've grown leery of special programs, particularly for the youngest kids...
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    For Parents What does your gym expect of you?

    It's going to be this way every year unless you legislate that everyone has a quota of volunteer hours and clear-cut responsibilities. The excuses for avoiding work will be as varied and endless as there are people, but the outcome will be the same, which is that a few work and the rest go along...
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    For Parents Snacks?

    I'm going to modify my answer a bit. Since this thread started, I've watch more what happens between rotations. I have seen some putting some sort of food into their mouths on occasion, so I guess it happens and isn't prohibited. My child doesn't eat during practice, so I assumed no one did...
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    For Parents To smile or not to smile?

    I once got to ask two judges. They agreed that it didn't matter as far as scores, but also, in general, a confident gymnast is a happy gymnast and will smile naturally just because they're doing what they like to do and they're doing it well. A fake, forced smile doesn't by them anything.
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    For Parents Snacks?

    Yes. My personal opinion is that it's only an issue for younger, newer gymnasts getting used to what it means to train longer and harder. I've never seen an older or higher level girl who needed or wanted more than liquids during practice. This isn't unique to gymnastics, in my experience.
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    Level 8 vault question (yurchenkos)

    The same technical committee report I referenced in the post above mentioned this. Here's the explanation:
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    Level 8 vault question (yurchenkos)

    Does this address it? Never totally certain of the vocabulary.
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    2008 Western Nationals

    That helped narrow the search! May 9 - 11, 2008 And the Level 10 Nationals are the following weekend in Kissimmee, FL, the location of this year's Eastern's, if the link I found was accurate.
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    2008 Western Nationals

    Where, please?
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    The Ten Commandments for Parents

    I wonder if #2 was written by a coach. :) I've seen both parents and coaches who don't deserve support (respect?)--unsafe methods, abusive personalities--but usually that means it's time to find another gym that'll be a better fit.
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    Just like USAG, all skills are given a difficulty rating. On beam, for example, a back walkover is an A skill, while a back handspring is a B and a back tuck is a C. All skills are similarly rated in a Code of Points. This is how the difficulty of a routine is determined. For example, USAG Level...
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    For Parents anyone know of any good gyms in north carolina Southeastern, Cabarrus County, International, Everest all have their fans. Probably missing one or two. Try a class or three at each and see which you like best. Good Luck. The sport is well managed within the state.
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    What did she do wrong?

    Why is an 8.75 "so low"? Are there score expectations? I hope she came away from the routine with encouragement and not disappointment. Re the routine, balance checks have been mentioned, as well as big step on dismount. Besides those, the split jump needs to be 180 with an equal front/back...
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    For Coaches Level 7 floor routine

    Less than 1:30. The Level 7 Junior Olympic Score Sheet doesn't list a minimum other than what's necessary to include all required elements. Hard to do that in less than 55 sec or so. Most music arranged as floor music is about 1:23 to 1:27, but can be cut to a minute or so to fit a shorter routine.