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    WAG Seeking intensive course for adults

    Thanks, there is nothing right now but will keep an eye on their website
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    WAG Seeking intensive course for adults

    Does anyone know of any gymnastic or tumbling related intensive courses or camps that are at least a week long, ideally a month or so (anywhere in the world)? I am trying to learn these skills as an adult and want to spend more time really giving it a go, but there are not many adult classes...
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    WAG Mental Block Help

    Have you tried the drill for a standing back tuck where you get a coaching block, put a wedge shaped mat on top of it? Stand with the block and the wide end of the wedge behind you and try to jump like you would a back tuck? You land on the wedge and roll down it like a backward roll. Well you...
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    WAG How much to train a week for an adult beginner?

    I'm female 35 and do gymnastics 3-4 times a week, got back into it age 31 after a 17 year break. I'm not particularly fit, it's not a problem for me but got to listen to your body. I have been on intensive courses (5 hours a day, 5 days a week) and had minor muscle pulls that set me back a few...
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    WAG Back handspring help !!

    Not a coach, but if you own that video on YouTube and change the playback speed to 0.25 you can watch in slow motion. Compare your body shape at the exact moment your hands start to touch the ground. Your feet have reached a higher position in the first video compared to the last so you going to...
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    WAG Any tips? I keep getting and losing my back handspring

    I have had the same problem and am working on increasing my confidence. For me, getting access to a foam pit had helped because I stand on the edge of it and jump back into back handspring style. Then after a few tries I start to add crash building up to floor level. This can be useful if like...