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    WAG Floor Finals

    I liked Aly's routine better than Simone's. Part of it is the passes themselves. Simone does her passes amazingly and exceedingly well. HOWEVER, they're all double back flip skills. Aly does front, arabian, and back skills, including combinations. In men's gymnastics Simone would be missing two...
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    Gymnastics 101

    They could keep it simple AND do so much better explaining what's going on. If you believe Tim, then you think the scores are based on height and sticking a landing?!?!??? They could do a MUCH better job explaining the execution score. Remember the 10.0 system??? WE STILL HAVE IT. The...
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    Gabby Douglas Hate - (Hopefully) An End

    Lots of love for Gabby. It's very easy for me to just distrust and hate all of the media, particularly in relation to gymnastics. They seem to do more harm than good :(
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    MAG Roll out skills

    In the current (old) code there were 5 element groups: front, side, back, non-acrobatic, and dismount. The side element group included arabians, roll-outs, etc. By doing a roll out you might avoid landing deductions, but there are still requirements for how those skills are supposed to finish...
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    For Coaches Thumb position - uneven bars

    I think of it like men's p-bars. Thumbs around in support, and make the switch in the transition to and from hang. I have seen a few men do certain under-bar skills with their thumbs around... as gymdog said, there are always outliers.
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    MAG more optional confusion

    Is this in writing anywhere?
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    Article on NBC/Olympic gymnastics

    I feel like they could do two completely separate types of coverage; 1: The crap they currently do. They make money doing it that way, they're not going to change. 2: Actually record everything. Like, everything. No commentary. None. You could even just set up 1 camera on each event and leave...
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    MAG more optional confusion

    I was at the the first unveiling in Michigan. They said something to the effect of the younger JD being pommel-less, but I haven't seen it in writing. I wish they would give the coach the choice. I will use JD for older kids that really can't put together JO routines. I also might use it for a...
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    Article on NBC/Olympic gymnastics

    I absolutely hate almost every aspect of gymnastics coverage. Not just NBC. Instead of showing more gymnastics, they follow someone around, or talk about some stupid personal aspect. I wish they'd show more gymnastics, and also give them some space when they're fixing uniforms, venting/crying...
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    Gabby Douglas -eye ritual or twitch?

    She could be visualizing. A lot of gymnasts visualize their routines, plus some physical movement. Any sort of twisting skills would have you looking the direction you're going.
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    For Coaches Course sandpaper on men's bar a good idea?

    Do you use PVC tube or just cotton gloves on the metal bar? We do not clean the chalk off our (PVC tube) strap bar. Is that important? I can understand why you wouldn't want excessive chalk on a strap bar, but it seems unnecessary to strip it clean.
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    WAG Tiger Paws

    Totally agree!!! I think people oversimplify and get this totally backwards... There is a perfectly reasonable root to the myth, that I've been misunderstood on before... I don't want a kid wearing wrist supports INSTEAD OF doing conditioning, and training smart. If he/she works on wrist...
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    MAG optionals

    I think there's going to be a lot of uncertainty and shuffling around this year. I'm unsure if competitions are even going to offer JD, or if there will be any boys in it. We're going to have more of those age groups and levels with ridiculously few kids in them :/ I have a boy who will be...
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    MAG FS questions

    I was at the meeting in Michigan after nationals. The FS and tech sequences were included in the materials... As a coach, it's tough to put a lot of time and effort into a program that might be changing??? And as a former gymnast I can point to more than a few dead end progressions I wish I...
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    For Coaches Going away present?

    I have a 10yr old boy I've coached for 3 years moving across the country (military family). He has great attitude, effort, and personality - the kind of kid you hate to lose. He loves gymnastics and has found a new gym there already. I'd like to give him some sort of memento, but I'm not sure...
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    For Coaches High Bar Grip Lock

    I'm going to begin answering my own question... -Grip lock seems to happen on eagle giants more frequently than anything else. I've heard people claim that it happens when the gymnast tries to re-grip -I've heard it happens when grips are too long. **I know it's not as simple as eagle...
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    For Coaches High Bar Grip Lock

    On Men's high bar, every so often someone's grip locks up, and often they break their wrist or worse. It seems to happen on eagle giants most. Why does this happen? What can be done to avoid it?
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    For Coaches Moments that make it all worth it

    7/8yr old boy runs and jumps... Me: "what are you doing" Him: "I'm trying to fly" (to reach the rings) he tries again and again, missing by several feet... not even close he keeps trying, and trying... I think to myself: 'I can teach this kid gymnastics.'
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    For Coaches Moments that make it all worth it

    Me: "If you want to be good at gymnastics you have to be able to do this." 8yr old Gymnast: "I don't want to be good at gymnastics, I want to be GREAT!"
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    MAG Age requirement changes?

    In the short term this is a very big deal, and may be devastating for some boys, and stressful for coaches and families. In the long term it's not a big deal, a positive change for USAG, and will work itself out.