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  1. coach4life

    WAG NCAA Championships being broadcast?

    Anyone know if they are live streaming/broadcasting the women's NCAA Championships this weekend? Couldn't find anything on the internet but I am no expert in these matters.
  2. coach4life

    WAG Music in the Gym

    Lol...THIS. I was working with my level 4's recently and realized the music another coach had put on sounded veeeery familiar. Listened a little more, realized it was a mix CD that used to play on repeat. When I was a level 4. We won't even mention the fact that I still knew all the lyrics...
  3. coach4life

    For Coaches ROFF BH Mental Block

    In my opinion a good rebound out of the RO in and of itself is how it should be, unless your gymmie is putting it on the beam. However, I can see where it can cause issues if you're trying to get her to backhandspring out of it with minimal pause. Do you have a wheel (the big, semi-soft...
  4. coach4life

    For Coaches Teaching flyaways without a pit

    Sorry, late to the game here, but have you tried spotting them from your shoulder? One technique that has worked wonders for my girls is this: Have them tap swing on the high bar while you stand next to them, then step in underneath them as they swing forward and have them “land” on your...
  5. coach4life

    WAG Q for the French in the room

    Well...this may not be the type of vocab I'm going to need to do well in my classes overseas, but it sure is a lot more up my alley than memorizing French words for furniture and cooking utensils! "Petite bonhomme" for "squat on." Doesn't that literally mean "little guy"? Too funny! I love the...
  6. coach4life

    WAG Q for the French in the room

    Iwannabemargo, thanks for the advice on terms. Do you happen to know of any useful online gymnastics-related translation locations in particular? Because something tells me just google-translating things like "Double full" and "Stick your landing!" may result in nothing more than immense...
  7. coach4life

    WAG Q for the French in the room

    Thanks for the prompt advice, everyone! If anyone else has input, feel free to chime in. I'll have to see about actually trying to coach while over there, with full-time school studies and all (plus all the paperwork and insurance that might go into that). Since I'm aiming for full French...
  8. coach4life

    WAG Q for the French in the room

    So, I'm going to be moving to France for a year of overseas university studies beginning late this fall. While I am extremely excited about the opportunity, I am very much NOT looking forward to being away from my gymnasts here in the States for that long. I was looking to make the most of my...
  9. coach4life

    For Coaches Toe ahoot Blind full

    Hey, sometimes watching gymnasts start to train toe shoots is a hoot!
  10. coach4life

    For Coaches Front handspring trouble

    Have them practice front handsprings over a wheel (the kind normally used for BHS drills). Short run, hands go on the floor in front of the wheel, the rest of the front handspring snaps over the top and their feet land on the other side. If they don't snap/kick at least a little bit, they...
  11. coach4life

    WAG The disappearing squat on...

    Falling backwards on the squat on means she's not getting enough of her weight forward, which generally means she's not getting her shoulders over the bar (as in, leaning forward toward the high bar) when she casts and puts her feet on. This is very common. As stated earlier, there are tons of...
  12. coach4life

    WAG Knee question

    Just had to butt in here and agree with coachp that overuse injuries may not be as common, but it is DEFINITELY still a possibility. Trust me. I would know. I'd been having minor to moderate knee pain for a long time (think months, maybe a year). No traumatic injury, just...gradual pain...
  13. coach4life

    Coaching rec and naughty kids

    I've heard wonderful things about duct tape.......
  14. coach4life

    Air sense

    There's also a good amount of experienced involved here. I asked the same thing the first day I started doing fulls (I was making them but getting lost in mid-air). I was told it comes with time, and it does! Just keep practicing them and soon it should become easier both to spot and to know...
  15. coach4life

    WAG Help with backbend kickover?

    Hey there. Your thoughts and technique all sound right on. Shoulder/back flexibility really is the biggest thing here. It is literally impossible to do a backbend kickover without your shoulders over your hands, so lots of backbends pressing through your shoulders would be very helpful (think...
  16. coach4life

    For Coaches Trouble with Staying TIGHT

    I recently was working with our gym's level 3's and 4's after being out of the gym for a while and noticed that we seem to be drastically lacking in the hollow body department. Even my tightest girls seemed to be having trouble maintaining the tight, rounded-back form (especially on bars) that...
  17. coach4life

    For Coaches Jump to HB help

    Augh, that great mystery of the frog-legged jump across. The purpose of its existence escapes me, and yet it continues to prevail! ;) Have her do lots of practice squat on/jump offs from a low bar, focusing on keeping her feet in front of her body. Also try working these jumps into the pit...
  18. coach4life

    For Coaches Leap drills

    My favorite drill to do with my girls has always been to take a panel mat folded up and set long-ways (so it would be parallel with the gymnast should she lie down next to it) on the floor or wherever you have a little room. Have them take a few running steps and leap, land the leap on the mat...
  19. coach4life

    WAG Prayers needed

    Praying for her and all those involved right now. Also praying that God will use this hardship-tough and unfair as it is-to do something mighty and amazing in the life of this sweet little girl and the lives of those around her. Keep us posted on how she's doing! :)
  20. coach4life

    For Coaches Tiny Hands on Tap Swings

    Wow, thanks for all the help, guys! Tonight I'm going to teach my girls how to use the spray bottle (lightly!) on their grips with chalk and do a lot of "form" work for our tap swings to make sure potential falls happen safely. Also thanks for the drill ideas. I hadn't thought of doing plain...