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  1. LiveLaughTumble047

    Coach Leaving...What to do?

    I agree with txgymfan, it doesn't have to be fancy. I've received a few notes from students I've taught at band camp and coached, and I still have each and every one. It's hearing those little things and that your coach made a difference in your life/gym career that remind us(coaches) why love...
  2. LiveLaughTumble047

    Predictions for Olympic team

    Beam-Liukin,Ross, Weiber Bars-Douglas,Liukin, Ross Vault-Maroney, anyone else really....lots of options here....seems like just about everyone can throw a decent vault. Floor-Weiber,Ross, Maroney I am not impressed with Raisman. And overall at Visa's Day 1 there were a ton of bobbles from...
  3. LiveLaughTumble047

    Visa Championships 2012 LIVE

    I watched in Safari on my macbook and it seemed alright. One or two minor hiccups but they corrected themselves quickly!
  4. LiveLaughTumble047

    WAG Gabrielle Douglas

    Wasn't her knee injury from skiing? I always got the vibe that she would be done once she did not win the Olympic AA in 2008.
  5. LiveLaughTumble047

    Shawn Johnson has retired!

    Shawn Johnson Announces Retirement. (Disclaimer: Not sure if this is where this belongs, I figured since it was announced before Visa's and Olympic Trials it could be considered a step on the way to the Olympics, if not feel free to move it to a better location!) So Shawn Johnson has made...
  6. LiveLaughTumble047

    The Secret Classic

    I had first heard about it from a video someone posted here with Marta speaking about Aly Raismen and she mentioned she was not pleased with the camp, or lack thereof, after trials. They mentioned it briefly a couple times during the broadcast of the Classic. PS: Totally unrelated but I like...
  7. LiveLaughTumble047

    The Secret Classic

    Things that impressed me: First and foremost-Nastia's beam, she is as solid as ever I could watch her do gymnastics all day long, she really is the all around package every skill that she does is beautiful! I have no doubt that her bars Also about her getting a spot (IMHO) If she earns a spot...
  8. LiveLaughTumble047

    Parents, what do you wish you knew then that you know now?

    ^^So true if I had a penny for every kip I did until I got them I'd never have to work a day in my life, but finally getting the kip is one of the best feelings ever!
  9. LiveLaughTumble047

    Girls Crying at Gym

    Chronic criers in our gym during practice were ignored. We had a girl who would cry every time she attempted a certain skill and frequently otherwise. In an attempt to nip the behavior our coaches would not spot her if she was crying and she would have to do conditioning if she couldn't dry her...
  10. LiveLaughTumble047

    who will be on the womens 2012 OLYMPIC TEAM?

    Number one pick. Nastia. I'd love to see her do it all again. Others: Wieber seems like a great contender.
  11. LiveLaughTumble047

    Question about piercings and body art and leo

    You are not alone one Shawn's leo, I also thought it was not the best choice, it reminded me of her having a bandage around her arm or something.
  12. LiveLaughTumble047

    Article by Blythe Lawrence & Interesting Comment by Dominique Moceanu

    I think it is very easy for the viewers to say that Valeri should have chose differently with Rebecca's vault but this is all in hindsight because we know what happens, but I bet it's not as straight forward of a decision to make beforehand.
  13. LiveLaughTumble047

    Press Handstand Mounts

    I miss the press handstand mounts, they seem to be very few and far between these days, if I do say so almost not existent, Anyone else feeling the same?
  14. LiveLaughTumble047

    What is everyones favorite event?

    Bars is my favorite to watch also! Once my skills got going on bars I found that to be my favorite event to compete, though vault was my best, floor is meh (I know what kind of gymnast am I) and I love practicing beam, there was nothing better than doing reps on beam it sure feels good to hit a...
  15. LiveLaughTumble047


    Seeing my toes "touch" the ceiling before I let go really helped because it gave me concrete steps to process! Best of luck conquering this skill, once you get it you won't be able to stop!
  16. LiveLaughTumble047

    floor music....

    Glad I could help! Let us know what music you end up with! What else do you have on your list?
  17. LiveLaughTumble047

    Excited to see Chellsie Memmel

    As a Wisconsin gymnast I always love to see Chellsie Memmel! I think that her continuation in the sport shows she's not in it for the medals, titles or glory, she doing it cause she has a passion for it, and that is incredibly commendable. I will always be cheering for her!
  18. LiveLaughTumble047

    floor music....

    Perhaps something with obvious beats would be good, not constant like techno or anything but a selection where you can use the beats as sort of check-points to line up your choreography with! :) Having something to listen for might also help with your dance woes. As far as some classical...
  19. LiveLaughTumble047

    Full Turns on beam

    Also one of our coaches said we didn't need a windup the size of Texas for our full turns! Best of luck it's one of the hardest things to get down consistently on beam!
  20. LiveLaughTumble047

    Let's create a gymnastics story...

    "Of course I want to see him, but wait I've got training to finish" Coach Liukin replied, "The gym is not going anywhere it will still be here tomorrow and the next day, go see Jake, if you would like." Her teammates gave her a huge hug and she quickly gathered her things and headed out...