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  1. txgymfan

    For Parents Let her retire mid season?

    It sounds like you are handling this really well. Also, yes, she can’t go to meets without going to practice, if she refuses to go to practice then she can stop now but she wouldnot get to end with a meet which she said she wants.
  2. txgymfan

    For Parents How important is the state meet?

    This is a great reason to move sooner rather than later.
  3. txgymfan

    Anon How often do your share your child’s accomplishments on your own social media

    I’m so happy that you share. I love seeing him shine. We’ve known each other a long time here and for a few years on other platforms and it’s like watching my nephew perform.
  4. txgymfan

    Anon Ready to Tap Out of CB...

    Thank you!
  5. txgymfan

    Anon Ready to Tap Out of CB...

    I admit, I missed the word and did not know what it meant. I think it was an honest mistake that the word was allowed.
  6. txgymfan

    Anon Ready to Tap Out of CB...

    That’s an idea. We will think about adding it.
  7. txgymfan

    Anon Ready to Tap Out of CB...

    There was a lot of discussion when the age limit was lowered from 16 to 13. Points of the discussion included the inability to accurately determine a posters true age ( we can’t ask to see a drivers license) and the ability for us to give kids a safe space to get answers from responsible adults...
  8. txgymfan

    For Parents Tearing up during practice and favoritism

    This situation does not seem good for her mental health. Talk to the owner. Ask the owner to watch practice. If things don’t change before the end of the season, tell your daughter that her mental health is more important than any one sport. As a parent tell her to try a few different sports...
  9. txgymfan

    For Parents Attending travel meets when injured?

    As a parent, explain your decision. I would then plan something fun to do with her on meet day with her friends at home.
  10. txgymfan

    For Parents Non-parent (and coach) needing advice

    If you want a role model in sport. Watch Rodger’s speach starting at about 6 minutes in. This was immediately after a grueling 5 set tennis match where both finalists had be been giving absolutely everything they had for hours. This speech is the single greatest example of sportsmanship I have...
  11. txgymfan

    NCAA NCAA choreography

    I love the routine above. I don’t want them all like that but it’s fun, she hits all of the accents and really sells it. Please post other wonderful NCAA routines. It’s always fun to see new ones.
  12. txgymfan

    For Parents Thread deleted?

    I put the thread in the back office area. There was too much to sort through and all of the mods/admins are working today.
  13. txgymfan

    For Parents Help

    Please ask for a meeting with her coaches. At her age and level, I would consider including her in the discussion. We can understand your frustration but there is no way for us to understand even a simple reason why they would make this decision and it’s rarely a simple decision.
  14. txgymfan

    WAG Pulled muscle and where to go for help

    Locking this thread. You have your answer, no one will give you a different one.
  15. txgymfan

    ChalkBucket Happy Holidays (Tell Us Your Plans)

    Spending the holiday in my mom’s hospital room while the rest of the family celebrates together. There is no one I’d rather be with although I do wish we were somewhere else.
  16. txgymfan

    For Parents Featured 2022 Holiday Gymnastics Gifts

    An extension chord with extra plugs and USBs, anker makes a good one. Another option is a battery pack to recharge electronics without a plug ( Again Anker is a good brand but there are many others). Another idea for college students or anyone with a car is a battery pack that will jump a car...
  17. txgymfan

    OT Gift for coach

    A photo of her coaching, if she celebrates Christmas, you could have it made into an ornament. I just ordered some from Walgreens for about $5 each on sale. You can add text with her favorite coach saying.
  18. txgymfan

    NCAA Can i make it the NCAA? (be honest)

    You could probably participate in a gymnastics club in college.
  19. txgymfan

    For Parents An amazing experience

    What happened to their hair? Also, I’m so glad Chellsie was there as the US WAG coordinator, she’s always been passionate about the sport but not militant. I’m thrilled for the team to be successful under her leadership. In her interviews, she discussed how she included the athletes in her...