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    OT USA 2012 Elections Thread

    Kudos to ALgymMom. Those people, who are you upper income earners, are your employers. They give you your jobs. You should be thankful that they make enough $ to afford to pay you. A lot of you, liberal democrats, are asking them to give up more of their $ by way of increasing their taxes...
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    WAG What Makes Your Gym Great, or Not

    Really?!?!?! I would have never known that unless you told me. ;) No, but seriously, one last thing before I get kicked off this forum for being off topic: For all of you who thinks prayer at meets and practices is weird and would run from a gym who did those things....I will be praying to...
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    WAG What Makes Your Gym Great, or Not

    I love that my kids pray before meets. We, also, live in the Bible belt. I think this country is severly lacking parents and kids with God in their lives. A Bible falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn't. :) Anyways, I love that my dd has fantastic coaches that care about making...
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    Frequent injuries

    Wondering if anyone else's dd's seem to have frequent injuries. My dd is healing from a stress fracture in her back, a tendon that pulled away from the bone in her foot, and now the bend of the top of her foot by her ankle is hurting after landing a back tuck too short. Share your stories if...
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    For Parents Prayers needed for a young gymnast who was recently severely injured

    I heard from a fellow gym mom about this young lady tonight. She is a 13 year old level 9. She was injured doing an uneven bar routine at practice. From what I understand, her spinal cord was almost completely severed between the T11 and T12 vertebrates. She had to have a rod inserted in her...
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    Glide kip help!!! Please!!!

    Ok. My dd has been working on her glide kip for over a year. She competed as a level 5 this past meet season and did score out, but never got her kip during a meet. She has had a serious mental block on them. She would have panic attacks when she would go to bars during...
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    WAG Bama Rama 2011

    We will be at Huntsville Fall Invitational this weekend. My dd competes on Saturday. This will probably her last meet of the season. I think we are going to skip out on state b/c of its location.
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    OT "Gifted" Gymnasts

    As stated by gymgal, my dd was very young (around 7 years old) when she realized the danger of the sport. While others her age would try anything without any fear, my dd was less apt to try things that she perceived as being dangerous. She, often, had to be forced into doing those skills by a...
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    OT "Gifted" Gymnasts

    My dd is in the gifted class at school. I think it does affect her gymnastics and mindset. B/c she is very intelligent, she over-analyzes some skills and (unlike some kids) realizes there is a very real danger to the sport; therefore, she holds back and it's more of a struggle with fear. She...
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    Type A Gymnasts?

    Definitely going to check that book out!!!:)
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    Type A Gymnasts?

    I am not a coach, but I am a parent of a type A gymnast. We have been struggling recently with her type A personality. The type A personality makes you want to be a perfectionist (like over the top perfectionist) and causes you to overanalyze everything. My dd is struggling with a 2 skills...
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    For Parents Dance Moms - Slightly Off Topic

    I know that Christie should have kept it under control in front of the kids, but to her credit, she did try to get Abby and Melissa to go into the hall to hash it out. I didn't care for the language that Melissa was using in front of all the kids. Not that the yelling was appropriate, but the...
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    back extension

    She needs to shrug her shoulders up and lock her elbows out.
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    Evaluating new gyms-Memphis TN

    Gymstars Gymnastics & Cheer Center This is a very competitive gym in the Memphis area. I think it's in Collierville, which is just about 10 minutes from Memphis. Your dd is very young, but 35 of their gymnasts have received full scholarships for gymnastics in college. I know of 2 girls from...
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    OT Tornados

    We live about 20 miles from Phil Campbell and Hackelburg, AL. It is unbelievable how bad the damage is in those areas. It is so sad. We do have a lot of volunteers coming into help from our area, as well as, many other states. Thanks so much for the concern for these people. I have linked a...
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    ankle brace suggestions?

    My dd pulled some ligaments in her ankle, and the doctor put her in a Swede-O. It's great!!! She did all of her tumbling, etc... wearing it and never complained that it hurt at all.
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    Pants in Competition

    On her level 9 video, she posted under the comments that she had a skin infection, and the judges approved her wearing the pants.
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    For Parents Meet anxiety - me, not her!

    I totally sympathize. I would be sick at my stomach before the meet began. As soon as warm-ups started, I would be fine. It wasn't a pleasant feeling at all.
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    Inspirational Songs

    Hero by KSM. This is an awesome song!!!!!!!! It's age appropriate and sure to pump up your gymmie!!!!
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    Booster Clubs and fundraisers

    I would like the link, as well. Thanks.:o